Qualcomm to add Tobii eye tracking technology to its VR headset

Qualcomm to add Tobii eye tracking technology to its VR headset

Photo: Qualcomm

The Swedish company Tobii has been developing gaze tracking systems for several years. For a decade and a half, the manufacturer has created many products that are used in science, medicine, and even marketing research. However, in recent years, Tobii has taken an interest in computers, gaming systems, and VR.

Just the other day it became known that the Swedish company has decided to join forces with Qualcomm to create a new version of the virtual reality headset based on the Snapdragon 845 Mobile VR platform. A distinctive feature of the new items will be an advanced eye tracking system, which will expand the capabilities of the headset.

According to reports, with the help of Tobii technologies, Qualcomm plans to improve its helmet and slightly improve the image rendering system. Thanks to a number of innovations, the headset will be able to independently change the image quality depending on where the user’s gaze is directed at the moment.

At the point where the gaze is focused, the picture should become as detailed as possible, while in other parts the image may be somewhat blurry. Such a mechanism should help reduce the requirements for the “stuffing” of the helmet, which will ultimately have a positive effect on the cost of the device.

In addition, the eye tracking system should help expand the gaming capabilities of the headset. For example, it can be used to control the crosshair in games or to “animate” user avatars.

It is worth noting that Tobii has collaborated with some large companies before. In particular, back in 2014, she, together with SteelSeries, created a prototype device for controlling games using the gaze.

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