Microsoft Build conference: How to awaken holograms to life?

Microsoft Build conference: How to awaken holograms to life?

First, calibrate, otherwise nothing works afterwards. So I set myself the Hololens on their head, feel your weight, adjust with the buttons on the left strap of the glasses four blue luminous angle, appear in front of my field of view in the room to float. Without a decent calibration I would have after a full picture before your eyes, says to me, Justin. He was assigned to me as a Mentor.

And a Mentor, I also need my crash course in Microsoft’s Holographic Academy. Software learn developer to program holograms for Microsoft’s data glasses. Because I’m not a programmer, helps me Justin and patiently explained what to do and what buttons I’d rather not press.

The hologram workshop will take place in the context of Microsoft’s annual developer conference, Build. She is started on Wednesday in San Francisco. The group presents its plans for the coming year and shows what he’s working on. In 2015, Microsoft surprised at the Build with his glasses Hololens. The glasses project a computer-generated images over the real environment and thus creates with holograms, a so-called Augmented Reality, so an artificially created reality, which is placed as a second layer over the environment.

A year later, it is already a step further and wants to show developers what are the things you can design thanks to the programming software Unity for Hololens without the specific content of the concept for the Hololens runs, ultimately, into the Void.

Also I can make in the crash course now on, this Augmented Reality and wants to get a created hologram on the glasses.

After 45 minutes, the power generator is ready

Unity is game developers popular because it can create very well animated 3D models, including cars, spaceships, monsters and treasure chests. Should I create the 3D model of my hologram. The task has it. Unity is bursting formally before functions. No matter what I click on it each Time, new menus and window with new options and parameters will open.

I’m glad that in the middle of the room standing teacher projected all the steps on the big screen. And if I don’t come but once more, is a Mentor to Justin there. So I’ll make it after all, after a good 45 minutes of my first hologram to copy the model of a futuristic energy-generator, via a Wi-Fi access in the memory of the Hololens.

Always nice to the USB plug

As I set the glasses on the head, is also sobering. From the exuberant detail, the bright colors and space-holograms wealth is nothing to see abundance. My virtual energy generator floats quietly in front of my eyes, but he also has a distinct Blue tinge and looks relatively small. If I turn my head quickly, pulling up the hologram sometimes felt only in later.

But anyway, there’s still some fine work in the programming to do the software, it is explained to me. The hologram has to be changed so animated that it can also be used by the other participants, with their glasses seen. Piece by piece I’m working my way to this destination, check the result of in-between with the data glasses. It occurs to me that a Mentor Justin asks me again and again, to the glasses to the USB-AC adapter is not connected, when I wear it straight. A lot of trust in the runtime of the batteries he doesn’t seem to have.

At the end of a Remarkable happened

After some time, all participants have completed their holograms. Nevertheless, it does not abound in the space in front of the virtual objects. If I can put on my Hololens, I see only one, either my energy generator or an object that has to me one of my colleagues shared. Only small groups of a maximum of six people can work together to look at objects.

After all: in The end, we can get a breath of funny avatars from the air and each other with virtual laser beams shoot. As someone shoot my energy generator so long until he exploded, happens Remarkable: By one of the teachers in my model hidden feature that explodes the Generator and tear, seemingly a large hole in the floor, through which you can view in the underlying floors.

For the first Time, I have the feeling that Microsoft’s demo videos might be no Exaggeration. In a developer, for example, shows how he gets his little daughter, who is playing in another room, via hologram, and as the hologram of the child in real time, in front of him in the room and interact with it Bouncing around.

Promise for the future

A lot of Confidence that I’m going to play in the foreseeable future, at my home with a Hololens exciting games in a mixture of the real and the virtual world, I have not yet. Microsoft with the Hololens for the time being, mainly to corporate customers and, presumably, the device is in the case of prolonged use, but quite heavy on the head.

Still, Microsoft’s Hololens is more of a promise than a fulfillment. It remains to be seen whether, and how quickly it is possible to make the technology smaller, lighter and cheaper, and improve so that you want to buy really. A couple of years it might take.

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