Is the play video or play a Sport?

“Go take a shower, you smell” This set should I have to listen to at home for some time, regularly, when I drop my Virtual Reality Headset. So good or bad my performance was, my T-Shirt is drenched in sweat. On the trot Eleven Table Tennis VR”, a table tennis keeps me “-Simulation, the I with the wireless Oculus Quest games in the living room.

A table tennis Simulation, exactly. In view of the possibilities offered by VR space adventure about a Zombie Slaughters to Online music festivals – sounds boring conceivable.

However, the graphically unspectacular game has its charm: It’s a surprisingly fascinating, and Corona is a safe way home černý – battle with players from all over the world, to a virtual disk in its original size.

Me Eleven has returned after over a decade of table tennis, a Sport I knew from the run-in of the school break (allowed to those who play here don’t have a racket, with the Hand or a Book).

A game for Young and Old – really

“Eleven”, the first Version of which appeared already in 2016, will now simulate only One-against-one matches. Is played to 11 points, usually with two sets. (see photo).


This is “Eleven Table Tennis VR”

>In the corona crisis, the interest in the game increased, the developers say – and in fact, there are even players who have only issued for the Digital table tennis hundreds of dollars for a VR-Headset.

One of them is the London Maurice Raynor. The 81-told Year old me on the phone that he had earlier run a full Marathon. At some point, but the Run will no longer worked – five years ago, began Raynor, therefore, with table tennis, four to five times a week they met in the group. In the spring, the corona crisis also laid the UK, lame, velvet Lockdown. The group game was, Raynor was looking for Alternatives and came across the Quest on the Oculus.

For video games, Raynor are not really interested in “Eleven” he is training now, however, against computer-controlled opponents. He sees this as a sporting activity, less than Gaming. One to one and a half hours per day Raynor in play, with a break in the middle.

Table tennis stay tuned

“Eleven” is to stay in a “really good way, on table tennis in it,” he says, “You can practically use all the usual beats you cut can of balls.” Also, for older players, Eleven was “fantastic,” if you be willing, to a certain learning curve involved.

Also, Raynor’s real-world table tennis Trainer, Zoltán Kószó, looks to “Eleven” as a meaningful pastime – especially because you sit Playing on the Couch, but really in the room needs to move, for example, when a Ball comes up short.

“Footwork, reaction time, focus on” all these trained offline, the important things, says Kószó who played as a teenager, a semi-Pro in Yugoslavia and Hungary. Differences from the reality of the 40-Year-old is most likely to be the subject of Spin, when the possibilities of balls to broach.

Per Day 3500 Players

Still Eleven is a niche phenomenon. According to its makers, a three-person team of the New York Studio For Fun Labs, has sold the game over the years, although cross-platform 120,000 Times. Day-to-day play, but only around 3,500 people online, most of them in the United States.

From Germany, it is especially in the morning, hard to find opponents with a good connection. However, a low Ping is for online duels important. In addition to the blow – plays as the network technology, a role. Even if I tried, such as, in the classification mode, the in-game world rankings to fight high – so you can then tell everyone not to itch it, that you can stand momentarily on space-559.

>Scene from “Eleven”: once the world ranking fight

>Otherwise, it is especially important to have enough space, otherwise there is a risk that you will meet in the back Swing of a Cabinet door, or the table and sweeps is. In “Eleven” is usually thrown with the Controller in the weak Hand, the Ball is virtually in the air, with the Controller in the strong Hand of the bat in a controlled manner.

Who can, can

Of the movement, it plays like real table tennis, “Eleven” has a lot to do more with his real-life model than, for example, the classic “Wii Sports: Tennis,” or any other VR sports games, such as the physically also strenuous boxsim ulation “The Thrill of the Fight”. Who is good at playing table tennis, can transfer his power quickly in the game. And who – like me – not a long to a plate, a need for training and technique-Training.

Who “plays Eleven” online, you must also be willing to meet people. Even if you voice the optional chat off, thanks to VR, the feeling that really stand out with someone on a ping pong table. While all the players are just colorful avatars. However, often is the first movements of a person whether he is just to be relaxed, nervous or even aggressive.

Good strokes by the Controller Gestures are often applauded for power scooter is the apology. I met, but to a player who greeted me by head-down gesture to a duel.

The games themselves are overall faster than offline, since there are hardly any pauses of the game: After a successful smash ball, you can press on the Controller button and the next Ball and immediately move on.

New game partner wanted

The challenge of the Les is experiencing Leckie. “Because the opponents do not see how old your rival is, little attention is paid to your recovery time,” says the 75-Year-old from Cheadle, near Manchester, who plays for about 50 years, table tennis, and also in the “Eleven”of the world ranking list among the frontrunners. With some of its competitors, he had immersed himself over the age says Leckie, “they were usually really surprised about my abilities.”

>”Eleven,”the player Les Leckie: It occurs also online against other players

>For many years he had played offline once per week against one of his sons-in-law, says the former firefighter. “Then broke up a few months ago the wrist.” The duels ended so only once, even before Corona. The Oculus Quest was, however, Leckie, a term she met him as a Christmas gift that got his granddaughters. Leckie, after pulling on his device, he played the simpler “Racket Fury: Table Tennis”, then he landed in the case of “Eleven”.

Through the Play, he had declined since January, eight pounds, says Leckie, every day, he matches between 30 and 45 minutes.

I myself to play something sporadic, fair to the game but already has a meaning. Otherwise, I would have worried me over the Internet, no special mount for my right Controller from a 3D printer. It doesn’t make me necessarily better, the in-game experience, but still round. Similarly, the Maurice Raynor, uses a similar bracket looks: “it gives you the feeling that you don’t have a Controller, but a table tennis bat in Hand,” says the London.

Being a Coach Zoltán Kószó has so far not own VR glasses, looks amazing but after Offered. He could imagine, at some point virtually, to give hours of training, says Kószó. He could no longer only player from London, but from all over the world for the better. I have saves his number, and time, for all the cases.

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