Galea: a new brain interface for AR and VR glasses

Galea: a new brain interface for AR and VR glasses

What could be more realistic XR-points? Probably just a chip in the brain. Startup open-source OpenBCI chooses a middle ground, and combines data of the brain and body with XR application.

OpenBCI is a platform open source for interfaces brain-computer, which was developed after a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013. In addition, OpenBCI offers panels that can be used to measure the activity of neurons in the brain using EEG. With Ultracortex offers a full OpenBCI EEG headset, which also can be fabricated using a 3D printer.

Самопечатающий ЭЭГ-шлем Ultracortex от OpenBCI. Галеа, вероятно, пойдет в том же направлении. | Изображение: OpenBCI

Samopoczucia EEG helmet Ultracortex from OpenBCI. Project XR Galea needs to go in the same direction.

The latest OpenBCI project is likely to go in the same direction as Ultracortex: it is called Galea and was specifically designed as interface points for virtual and augmented reality. Hardware and software processes the data with a large number of sensors and thus, can measure the activity of the brain, eyes, heart, skin and muscles.

The system is designed for researchers and developers who want to capture the emotions and facial expressions in the context of VR and AR, which in turn allows to draw conclusions about emotional States such as happiness, fear, depression, attention and interest.

Программное обеспечение показывает многочисленные данные измерений мозга.

Biodania for optimal chemistry XR

According to OpenBCI, the data body can be used to playback content, which is especially immersive because he personally adapted to the spectacle wearer, in accordance with its biological response.

“I believe that the points XR, embedded in human consciousness, will lead to the next important shift in the technological paradigm,” said Conor Russomanno, co-founder and CEO, OpenBCI.

Galea is the result of six years of research and development, and should be understood as “a platform for experimentation and research” of how multimodal biometrics can be used in connection with a new generation of points XR.

In addition to the imaging equipment project page Galea does not offer any additional information except the e-mail subscription. Early access program for researchers and VR developers is planned to start in early 2021.


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