Fly like an eagle, shoot like a Gangster

Fly like an eagle, shoot like a Gangster

The biggest challenge when developing a Virtual Reality game? Shuhei Yoshida responds without Hesitation: “to Ensure that the people are not bad. Yeah, that’s the most important thing.” Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, the most famous face of the Playstation brand is.

In 2016, wants to bring Sony’s Project Morpheus, a Virtual Reality Headset for the Playstation 4, a completely new product, exciting, and complicated at the same time. A VR Headset is not a camera or a new Controller, something whose purpose is to understand even a non-technical person immediately.

What is the appeal of VR games have, know, first and foremost, everyone who has tried one. Unlike regular Games there’s not enough in the case of virtual reality, namely, a recording on YouTube or Twitch to be able to roughly understand what the game is experiencing the end.

The outside world seems far away

A player testing Project Morpheus: He's immersed in the game world, outsiders to see him wild with the controllers in the Hand waving

A player testing Project Morpheus: He’s immersed in the game world, outsiders to see him wild with the controllers in the Hand waving

For example, there is the fact that you can look at the Play alone move the head in all directions. Often, one has to extend in addition, the Desire, his hands in the virtual objects or people – as well the space is simulated. An unusual and impressive sense of presence in the game world to come.

At the same time, with its combination of VR glasses and headphones largely from the outside world sections – a feeling that some people find unpleasant, especially if, for example, a virtual gun barrel aimed at you. Again and again we hear from journalists and game fans, which in the case of VR experiences become bad. Or horror game experiences, which are so terrifying that even Fans of the Gruselns have quickly tired of that.

Except for Sony, several companies are currently working on data glasses, smaller Tech company, just like the pioneer Oculus, which was bought by Facebook up. The addition of the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus third major project, the HTC Vive is. For these glasses, the mobile phone manufacturer HTC cooperates with Valve, the company behind Steam, the largest Online distribution platform for computer games. And also corporations such as Google and Samsung have their own items like Cardboard and the Gear VR in the Portfolio.

Microsoft not own a VR project is not yet known, its HoloLens has a different approach. The Windows-suppliers recently announce that it has to work in VR with Oculus and Valve.

At E3 in Los Angeles, you could try out a few VR games, most of these were not advanced, but still far. The German Studio Crytek and presented, for example, a Game arcade with the title “Back to Dinosaur Island 2”, in which the player attempts to climb a rock wall. In this test, which is the permanent look Up exhausting for the neck, you meet always a good animated pterosaurs.

As an eagle by Paris

Flying is also in the “Eagle Flight” and “Eve: Valkyrie”: the Former is a smaller Ubisoft prototype, in which you fly as an eagle over a sparse animated Paris – on request, also together with up to three other players, in a Capture-the-Flag mode. Is directed to the own eagle head movements, and it works amazingly well.

Scene from "Eve: Valkyrie": Potential for a queasy feeling in the stomach

>Scene from “Eve: Valkyrie”: potential for a queasy feeling in the stomach

“Eve: Valkyrie”, by contrast, one of the first VR could be a Blockbuster. In the game it comes to space battles, by the Gamepad to shoot other spaceships. The fact that you can fly around freely – even entire roles are possible, has “Eve: Valkyrie” with the potential to generate a sinking feeling in the stomach.

Perhaps the most impressive VR game at E3 was Heist “London”, an action game in which you defend yourself against an attacker. With two Playstation Move controllers, the movements, controls the hands of the main character. So one takes with one Hand, a gun, the other the ammunition to put in. Then, aims to be similar to that in reality. The following exchange of fire is a very intense experience.

Project Morpheus Game "London Heist": A Controller for each Hand

>Project Morpheus game “London Heist”: A Controller for each Hand

The prices of the upcoming VR Headsets, none of the manufacturers made more detailed information. In the case of the Oculus Rift Hardware requirements are now at least aware of that suggests that you need to have for the VR experience, except for the glasses a very powerful Computer.

Project Morpheus, this addition does not exist hurdle – the Headset is connected to the Playstation 4. “Our philosophy is: If people buy our Hardware and our games, then it works,” says Shuhei Yoshida.

As the Virtual Reality technology is just beginning to Come in, see Yoshida, the products of the other manufacturers, rather than help, because as competition. The more systems and, thus, points of contact with VR companies such as Samsung, Oculus and Valve’s offer, the better it is, finds Yoshida: “We help each other to bring more people to experience good VR. The people have to try it.”

“And how are you doing now?”

To market So difficult for the VR technology is so challenging, the game development. Even big Studios often do not have the VR experience, for example with regard to the Design of virtual spaces. The result is that independent developers are currently more popular than ever: As important as a great graphics game concepts that also work in the VR world-or maybe just there – are first.

At E3, Ubisoft showed a VR roller coaster ride "Rayman Raving Rabbids"Universe: The VR-Headset-wearer was sitting on a vibrating seat

>At E3, Ubisoft showed off a VR roller coaster ride in “Rayman Raving Rabbids”-universe: The VR-Headset-wearer was sitting on a vibrating seat

Of exceptions, such as racing games, and space-apart from the shooters, could not take on well-known game principles in the virtual reality, said David Votypka, the deals for Ubisoft with the theme. Crucial will be what the developers offer players the pure sense of Presence and beyond. “Oh, I’m immersed into the game and feel like I would be on-site,” explains Votypka, the first game of the reaction. “And how are you doing now?”

What are the answers to the developers provide to this question is you know at the earliest, the end of the year. Then shall come according to rumors, the HTC Vive on the market. The Oculus Rift is delivered according to current plans, in the first quarter of 2016 to the end customer, with Project Morpheus is expected in the first half of 2016.

Until then, Yoshida will tell you more often how important it is that the players are not bad. “The body gets used to the experience,” he says. “We have to play the games again and again with people testing, and have never tried a VR game.”

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