Five students want to enable Augmented Reality for every Smartphone

The Aryzon FoundersAryzon

Google launched a few years ago a small Revolution: From cardboard built the Tech giant Virtual-Reality goggles (VR), the for each is affordable. Everyone who has a Smartphone, can watch since then, Videos in the VR.

Five Dutch have developed this idea to something much spannenderem more: An augmented reality, so Augmented Reality (AR) for each Smartphone. For this you need a financing of € 25,000, you want to collect on the Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The idea is apparently working well: With four days remaining for their action, the Aryzon-founders have already collected almost four times the target of 2.526 people gave a total of 98.193 euros (as of Thursday).

Idea from the innovation lab of the University of Twente

Co-founder Alex Ceha said in an interview with Business Insider, the Startup could use the extra 75,000 euros fine. “We want to focus now on the Software behind the AR Headset,” he says. In the case of the kick start project, the five industries that have set designers aware of a low target, to test, among other things, how the idea arrives. The first step in terms of public Relations work to be done also says Ceha.

We will anyway be copied, in addition, the entire market benefits when it is more developed.

The Design of the headset is intentionally not patented. “We will anyway be copied, in addition, the entire market benefits when it is more developed,” said the Dutchman. The same principle you follow when developing the Software: The System works according to the Open-Source principle, creative minds from all over the world can join in.

The idea originated at the University of Twente, the co-founder Maarten Slaa in the innovation lab on augmented reality, wanted to do research. The University has not had a HoloLens, so he developed his own. Together with his four fellow students in 2016 Aryzon was born in March.

The founders developed their idea for over a year, they made ready for the market and lowered the cost of production. These are “around ten Euro for a Headset”, says Ceha. The not come, therefore, that AR Headsets go yet in mass production. The Headset, together with the elaborately developed App is get for 29 euros.

Starting in September, the Aryzon AR-glasses for each and every Smartphone will be delivered to the Kickstarter investors, the founders are already looking forward to the reactions. For the future, they see themselves more in the software development, it is planned with large companies, cooperation.

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