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EUREKAP. Oil, retina and Rubik's Cube: our video selection of the week

Oil, an ancient dinosaur smoothie ?

Rather a soup of plankton corpses, if we believe Oksana Melnikova, geologist at Gazprom Neft in St. Petersburg, met by our journalist Valentine Delattre : “The proportion of dinosaurs in the total volume of organic matter is tiny, it is far from enough to create oil !”But then, where does this precious elixir come from ? “There are several theories,” the researcher continues. According to the most commonly accepted among scientists, oil actually comes … from the depths of our oceans. Video explanations.

Our retina, full of surprises !

The structure that lines the back of our eye is very particular. There are a hundred subtypes of neurons, which, like good watchmen, divide the elements of the visual field : shape, color, texture, movement … Some of these functions have not even found a name yet ! More surprising: these neurons can change their function over time. This is the discovery of the team of Michal Rivlin, research director at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. Met by our journalist Valentine Delattre, she tells us her latest finds.

And the first machine in history was…

A blender, a combine, an electric scooter ? So what was the first machine designed by a human ? Answer of the prehistorian Nicolas Teyssandier, who traced “Our first times” in his last work (ed. La Ville Brûle). Interview by Rachel Mulot and Valentine Delattre.

Artificial intelligence takes over the Rubik’s Cube

After chess and the game of Go, it is the turn of the famous cube-shaped puzzle to be solved by an Artificial Intelligence… A team of researchers from the University of California, Irvine (USA) used a reinforcement learning algorithm to train the AI to solve the Rubik’s Cube in an average of 1.2 seconds. 100% of the tests submitted to the AI were successful, and the latter found the best way to solve the cube in 60% of cases, in fewer moves than it would theoretically take…

Why is the 2019 Overshoot Day probably prior to July 29 ?

This year, the date from which Humanity lives on the credit of renewable natural resources has been calculated as July 29, 2019. But in reality, there is a good chance that the actual overshoot Day was reached before. Explanations with Arnaud Gauffier, co-director of WWF France programs. Film directed by Hannibal Watchi.

VR, a way to combat the isolation of the elderly

While virtual reality is slow to convince the general public, it can nevertheless become an interesting therapeutic tool to treat certain psychological disorders. Alexandra Ivanovitch, a French PhD in digital humanities, is developing a project that consists in reproducing the dream landscapes of the elderly, a way to make them escape isolation and loneliness.

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