AR smart glasses are making their way to the veterinary office
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    • AR smart glasses are making their way to the veterinary office

    AR smart glasses are making their way to the veterinary office

    AR technology helps not only patients

    VetTech, based in Cambridge, is collaborating with the Pennard Veterinary Clinic as part of an experimental program demonstrating the practical use of AR technologies in the veterinary office. The story was first reported by Business Weekly earlier this week.

    Using Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 smart glasses, Pennard’s Sevenoaks-based veterinary clinical team was able to broadcast audio and video to a group of Vet CT specialists connected remotely from Kent and London. Specialists could record images and videos and provide valuable feedback to the owner in real time. The doctor could also communicate with specialists using the device’s built-in speakers and microphone.

    “We have a huge resource of expertise and experience in our team and are constantly exploring new ways to support veterinary teams,” said Julien Labruyer, Director and head of Innovation at Vet CT. This first step we have taken with Google Glass marks the beginning of an exciting journey to make smart glasses technology useful for helping veterinarians in local practices.”

    “We believe that the future of veterinary care lies in improving the support we can provide to clinical teams wherever they are. Despite some limitations associated with the current technology, it represents an exciting opportunity for our telecontrol service. The next stages of development will take us to a new level of pet care.”

    AR technology has proven to be a powerful tool in the hands of medical professionals. Google Glass offers veterinarians the opportunity to communicate with specialists while keeping their hands free to work. The technology can also be used to project the necessary information onto the real world. As AR technology continues to evolve, it can be expected that this technology will increasingly appear in doctors’ offices and waiting rooms around the world.

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