What should we know about AI in text processing
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    What should we know about AI in text processing

    Facebook has founded a consortium to solve the problems of NLP Facebook has declared the creation of the AI Language Research Consortium — a consortium of colleagues to deal together on NLPhi-tech, writes VentureBeat. AI Language Research Consortium will have advanced investigation in such areas as neural machine interpretation, characteristic studying, realization of the  subject of texts, dialog systems, information extraction, text tonality analysis, abstracting, info base and purification,  interpretation of oral speech, others. The partners will collaborate with Facebook experts in the framework of multi-year deals and general productions. In addition, they will get funding from the social network, as well as take part in an yearly investigation workshop, where they will be able to show the up-to-date results of their cooperation, main industry conferences. According to Facebook, its closer interaction with the scientific circle will serve the development of the NLP community.



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