Pros and Cons of Augmented Reality Apps Development

Within a few years from a phenomenon, the augmented reality has transformed into technology that finds its application in our everyday life. Augmented reality simply refers to the indirect view of the physical environment overlaying the real world with digital elements such as graphics, sound, video, motion along with GPS data as well. This lets the view appear more informative and can be accomplished by using special wearables –  devices like smart glasses or headsets projecting a digital image onto the lens, or by inserting those same elements (graphics, sound, video, etc.) into a camera image, like a smartphone screen. As you may see, AR technology definitely alters our perception of the world and the things surrounding us.

According to recent research, the global augmented reality market is expected to reach 149 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. Developing and deploying AR app solutions is already giving real advantages and showing significant improvements in a great number of industries. But its also important to consider what disadvantages it has. Sounds interesting, right? Lets take a closer look at the pros and cons of augmented reality apps development in different sectors:

Advantages of augmented apps development

Below we have provided the advantages of augmented reality in different industries. Lets take a closer look below!

AR app development in the Healthcare

AR solutions are great in a variety of casesfrom having blood to performing surgery. For instance, detecting a vein can be difficult for a nurse or even for an experienced doctor. Whats more, the process can be traumatizing for a child. Having that in mind, with ARpowered tools called AcuVein this problem can be solved.

Also, new ARpowered tools can be applied to assist doctors in performing surgeries. Not only do these tools deliver actual life information about patients during the surgery, but also a primary surgeon who is three miles away can assist during the procedure. In addition to that, Xrays and magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs) can be combined into a single view to display a 3D image if there is a necessity.

ARpowered software can be used to provide interactive education for medical students with a focus on the practice instead of just theory. With AR visualizations, medical students can experience reallife surgery or see what is going on inside the human body to get a better understanding of the material.

AR in the Ecommerce Industry

Delivering unique user experiences is crucial for companies that run an ecommerce business. With ARpowered solutions, you can provide prospects with rare opportunities. Not only can consumers make wellinformed buying decisions, but they in one click get all the important information about the products. ARfueled solutions bring huge value to a buying process and form virtual interactions between a customer and a seller.

Whats more, technological innovations allow you to get to know your potential consumers with your brand. If successfully developedARpowered apps help you better promote your company and products, attract new customers while retaining the existing ones.

Only by developing ARpowered solutions can you outperform your competitors. Not only can you provide a new way of communicating with your brand, but also you can reach a new audience by introducing new services and products. Moreover, those solutions equipped with AR make the brand more attractive and upscale.

AR in the Education Industry

Both students and teachers know how augmented reality is beneficial for education. Thanks to AR, textbooks become interactive and content come to life. Students can see an interactive visualization by pointing a smartphone camera at the cover of the textbooks page.

Moreover, adding ARanimated content such as a short person bio, fun facts, historical data catch studentsattention, provide better understanding and motivate them to study.

In addition to that, ARpowered solutions are helpful in conducting experiments that involve chemicals and dissection. All the augmented procedures are safe even when something goes wrong while traditional classroom settings can be hard to control. Also, ARfueled solutions help with doing homework. By pointing their phone or tablets at the worksheet can students get immediate hints and essential information.

AR in the Real Estate Industry

In real estatecompanies can offer the potential customer a more personalized, intuitive and engaging experience addressed by AR. Only by rendering 2Dpicturesinto 3D objects can real estate providers deliver some essential data about the properties. Whats more, the potential customer can place their current furniture by just clicking them and see how it can be look in the new house or apartment.

Installed ARpowered app allows you to save time and resources for customers. Not only can potential buyers get a virtual tour of the desired property, but they can get all the information about the installation structure and  effective energy rating, retrieve data about the nearest  schools, hospitals, and community centers. All that can be done by hovering of mobile devices on the windows of potential property..

Furthermore, you can reach more customers and make more money by boosting the customer base for the realtors. Not only can they elicit information about their projects in one click, but also they can meet a potential buyer or investor and increase their business revenue.

AR in the Tourism Industry

AR opens up onesinonelife opportunities for the travel sector. Thanks to AR, travelers can fast and easily figure out where all of the landmarks are located. When walking about the city, the ARpowered apps can automatically send you notifications about important sights and landmarks nearby. In addition to that, they deliver all the essential information about a particular building or location. Whats more, it can show direction and details on the smartphone display.

If you are embarrassed when deciding about the place you would like to go. where and dont want to read a variety of brochures and magazines about a particular city, Ar comes into play here as well. Not only does the AR app provide you with the ability to get a glimpse of the location you are considering, but also you can receive more detailed information about that place and make a decision it is worth traveling to.

AR in the Construction Industry

Fortunately, architectural or construction industries are not exceptions to ARs impact. They started to widely develop and adopt AR technology in their companies. Thanks to ARpowered solutions, a client can visualize the final results even being far away from the location and see how it looks.

That possibility motivates companies who run business in those environments to develop and implement an ARpowered app to drive business growth and revenue. What’s more, it provides the ability to ensure the safety of the labor while the construction is still in progress. In addition to thatbusiness owners can calculate the risk before performing any task. The use of this technology is widely admired and adopted in the architectural and construction field.

Disadvantages of augmented apps development

We have looked at the pros of augmented reality but there are some drawbacks as well. Lets delve into the details below!

Privacy and Security Concern

Unfortunately, applying AR technology needs terabytes of data to be retrieved, generated and analyzed. That brings a significant disadvantage for businesses. Thusit is also haunted by issues concerning privacy and security that is similar to the Big Data limitations.

Issues About Intrusiveness

Still, the topic of privacy and security is hot. Systems equipped with AR record the environment in real time. Not only do they capture images of random individuals and their private properties, but also they record their conversations. These activities are illegal in jurisdictions with strict privacy laws and can lead to legal issues.

Promote Risky Behavior

AR can hide cues in layouts in the real world by adding virtual information to the natural environment. But some of these cues really help individuals avoid dangers or may save a life in some dangerous situations. Nevertheless, AR technology can make people less vigilant and attentive about their surroundings.

Health Issues

AR development games are actually unsupervised. The warrelated and several other violent ARpowered games can affect physical issues but harm mentally and bring changes in the attitude of the players unknowingly. They give a negative message and avoid them to have a social responsibility and ethics as well. Whats more, limited physical movements of the human body may lead to an issue regarding obesity, problems with concentration, eye health issues, etc.

Implementation Requirements

Companies of any size are focusing on AR development and implementation. Definitely, they can benefit from using ARpowered solutions. Howeverdeveloping and implementing an AR system is both costly and technologically taxing. Whats more, they should take into account that the AR app also requires new technologies and models to run smoothly.

Final thoughts: AR is here to stay

There are numerous examples of augmented reality in use today. At the same time, consumers are getting more and more used to applying augmented solutions. Moreover, in todays digital world, companies across industries are already incorporating AR into their services. Thanks to AR, not only do they build more meaningful and longerlasting connections with their customers, but they also deliver unique and tailored services or products. Having that in mind, you should focus on AR app development and implementation to stand out among the competitors and drive more revenue. Dont hesitate and incorporate AR into your business!

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