Mobile AR Designer’s look - Part 2

Nowadays there is no exact answer to what skills and instruments AR expert must have because of AR starting stage of development.

There is one skill which becomes a basis of any practice.

  •       An ability to demonstrate a sequence of actions attentively and effectively.

This is a step which is significant for any advertising stage of AR. Specified and accurate descriptions are easy to carry out and examine.

Speaking about the patterns of interface and conduct, they are crucial for the AR creation. The first basic feature might be done is

  •       a content input.

If an object is in action it helps to keep a pace for the whole experience. The input can be automatized, manual and target. Some important questions should be observed and researched. E.g. May your information be placed in a surrounding? Where is the place of information while interacting with a goal?

The second feature to create a perfect AR product is

  •       warnings and benefits

Benefits help users be always inspired and ready to have the next step. Warnings can pay users’ attention to mistakes and a wrong way of a performance. It is important to visualize all experienced actions and occasions in order to investigate a whole surrounding.

The third condition to deal with is

  •       Non-screen indicators

Indicate a way how to warn a user, if the object takes a different location.

The fourth characteristic touches upon

  •       Interaction with data

It means the user’s practice with mobile AR where customers can realize what they can do or not. Some patterns and advice may help to navigate in the current surrounding.

  •       Snapping

Snapping reminds a guide, which helps a user to determine a logic and limitations for the AR output. There are 3 types of snapping: referring to the object, the surrounding, and the guide.

The last feature to be noted is

  •       A guide

It is the expert which provides a visualization of shadows, borders, forms, lines, signals, movements, and changes.

From the features, one may conclude that the creation of AR output is a very complicated task.

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