Best video game development programs, software, and apps

Best video game development software

There is a particular chance to find out the effective platforms to form an individual program. The client can observe the article and find the appropriate tool and their advantages. Let’s face the world of game making and make the own ideas into reality.

The ServReality team has extensive experience in developing video games. We can advise a number of games development applications:

• Unity
• Unreal Engine
• Construct 3
• GameMaker: Studio 2
• Cocos2D-x

The software applied for game generation Unity is the mixed base to form the personal product applying 2- and 3D improvement characteristics and work with the whole team of experts simultaneously. There is the detailed material on how to use Unity. The suggested bases are Firen OS, Android, and iOS. The price is free for private manipulation and enterprises (with request). Plus edition costs $25 per month, pro edition – $125.
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Unreal Engine
UE is a user-friendly game development structure. The changes and modifications can be done by no interfering the code or the setting up components. The pros are easy to handle the testing of games inside the project and the convenient interface. The bases are Xbox One, VR, Windows PC, HTML5. The price for small business is free. If the profit reaches $3000, experts give 5 % royalty.
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Construct 3
HTML5 platform Construct 3 is built up for generating two-dimensional projects. It performs the tasks with no coding and for a short time. The product may be set up on diverse gadgets. The recommended platforms are Google Chrome, Firefox Marketplace, Android, iOS. The price is fixed: 160€.
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GameMaker: Studio 2
This is the 2d game programming functioning system, which function “drag&drop” and speech acquirement assists the client form the product quickly. The game arrangement and vars are integrated by applying the configuration characteristics in the app. The given platforms to apply are Mac, PlayStation4, HTML5, Amazon Fire, iOS, Android. The price depends on the chosen release. The free restricted form without change is provided with no qualities. The paid one varies $99-800.
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This operating system has a lot of improvement tools. The main characteristic of the app is an opportunity to produce small-sized games. The complete info, the constant assistance are given. The bases for use are Linux, iOS, OS X pl., Android. The price is free.
The link: https://cocos2d-x.org

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