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    Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

    Augmented reality and virtual reality have only recently started to become more popular, remember at least a considerable excitement around the game Pokemon Go. For a short period, developers have implemented an incredible number of projects for different areas of education, business, medicine, and science. So what is the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality?

    Analytics of market research data indicate that in the next few years there will be spending more attention on the development of virtual reality solutions than the development of the augmented reality. The most significant brands, film studios, game developers and news media are creating solutions using virtual reality more and more. One of the latest examples of the use of augmented reality and virtual reality is the authoritative and proven source of the main daily news — the New York Times, as well as an example of the use of expanded education in education.

    The essence of virtual reality: to fully immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality — you need to use a device that completely isolates visually and audially from the open world. Virtual reality is most often used in architecture, tourism, rehabilitation, education, health, sports, and entertainment. The essence of the expanded reality: in contrast to the virtual reality — solutions to the augmented reality offer the use of devices that support this function by expanding the additional functions of the surrounding scene. Such solutions are already used in education, art, marketing, military, media, and business. Jewelry Brand Pandora uses the expanded reality to provide the maximum review of local stores, and also to provide interaction with online users of the brand.

    Both solutions for the development of augmented reality and solutions for the development of virtual reality have a significant role in the development of innovative technologies. Additional details of solutions for the development of extended reality and virtual reality of any complexity you can ask professional experts of the ServReality team.



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