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    AI Programming for Dummies

    Dealing with AI, people sometimes cannot understand an internal structure of AI and AI programming. In general words, AI is a sphere of knowledge that provides an explanation and copies a rational conduct in connection with computing. In the present day, there are some branches of science, where AI may be implemented: robot systems, an engine studying, and a computer vision. The AI programming has its specific functions, which AI architects should know and follow all required principles. Agents One of the main technical ways for AI is an idea of a smart agent. The agent may develop into a precise surrounding, should detect by sensors and take action by actors. The decisions are rationally made when data of the surrounding is taken into account. Surrounding Any surrounding has its features. The most used are
    •       Familiar/ Unfamiliar
    A necessity to know about an exact reaction of the existing surrounding
    •       Logical/Statistic
    A conduct of the surrounding is fixed either logically or statistically.
    •       Static/Dynamic
    The surrounding changes while the agent makes an appropriate decision.
    •       Continuous/Discontinuous
    A limited or unlimited number of further movements for the agent.
    •       Available/Unavailable
          The agents have or not an access to all surrounding variables, which are important for a decision-making. It is significant when creating an agent to be aware of the surrounding to deal with. That helps to avoid errors. It is quite obligatory to realize the surrounding before coding. Coding and AI AI coding is the most exciting way of programming, while a sphere is comparatively secret. The best way to learn the AI is to have a lot of experience in coding. The building of the AI agent is difficult to perform. The reason is a simulation of the surrounding. The communicative connection between the surrounding and agents must be always determined. CodinGame is the best program for AI coding. The system helps experts to concentrate on the smart core of the agent. The program makes easier the use of development surrounding. It may provide a graphic description of the surrounding. The communicative connection with the surrounding is imitated using the model input and output mechanisms. The agent may transform the surrounding by performing some movements to the model output mechanism. The agent may have an admission to the sensors by recognizing on the model input mechanism. CodinGame designing can manipulate every kind of the surrounding. The conduct of every surrounding is manipulated by any platform. The designers can observe the complete surrounding reaction. To draw a conclusion, one can say, that this guide helps everyone observe deeply the structure of the AI programming.



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