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    7 ways to use Face Recognition

    In the age of information technology, a great number of people use facial or fingerprint recognition technology to unlock phones or log in to the apps. While these technologies are currently used mostly, theres no big deal when it comes to biometric identity. Biometric technology such as facial recognition used to track and analyze peoples unique biological characteristics in a fast and accurate way. Moreover, it can identify what emotions people are experiencing. According to recent research, the market of facial recognition solutions will reach up to 9.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2022. Another research states that the global facial recognition market will have reached 7 billion U.S. dollars by 2024. That means facial recognition technology is gaining traction globally and can be utilized in a great number of business verticals from retail and logistics to automotive. In addition to that, it opens up gold opportunities for companies to provide identification and personal verification solutions. Not only can you use it to go through security at the airport or purchase products at stores, but also it helps businesses to improve business processes from identifying customers and conveying personalized messages for them to solving serious fraud and privacy implications. As a result, a great number of companies working in different sectors opted for software powered with facial recognition features. Sounds impressive, right? Lets delve into details below:

    How facial recognition works: Key steps

    Generally, facial recognition is the process that helps to identify or verify the person's identity by capturing, analyzing and comparing patterns through the biometric technology to map out facial features. Sounds interesting, right? Lets discover what steps the process includes:
    1. Firstly, by capturing a face picture from a video/photo appearing in a large group of people in real time, the system tells us where in the given image and/or video the face lines, contours, etc. Moreover, the camera powered with facial recognition features better detects the individuals face when an individual looks directly.
    2. Secondly, the system identifies some distinguishable facial featuresnodal points that form each persons faceand analyzes the distance between the eyes, the distance from the forehead to the chin. As a result, you get a facial signature of the face from the picture provided.
    3. Thirdly, based on the facial analysis, the system turns facial features into a mathematical formula where they transform into numbers in a code.
    4. Finally, a system determines your faceprint and compares it with other faceprints from the database. The system returns it with the following information: full name, address, date of birth, occupation, etc. once there is a match in the database.

    How companies can use facial recognition technology in business

    Below we have provided some information about how businesses can gain an advantage of solutions powered with facial recognition. Lets keep reading!

    Focus on facial recognition to boost patient care

    Currently, biometric technology becomes more affordable, and healthcare providers opt for digital solutions powered with facial recognition to meet a variety of needs. Not only does it help healthcare providers to mitigate headaches as much as possible when handling their claims process and prevent frauds, but also it allows companies to improve both patients' care and patients' outcomesit streamlines patient registration, speeds up the access patient records process, detects patientsemotions and pains, and even helps to identify some genetic diseases. For example, now it is possible to monitor the patients use of medications more accurately, find genetic diseases such as DiGeorges syndrome with up to 97% precision, and control the anesthesia procedure during surgery through careful face examination and analysis. Its not a secret that healthcare professionals are spending too much time when dealing with non-patient-facing tasks like making phone calls, writing clinical notes, etc. Thanks to powerful facial recognition solutions, the process of managing the patients records, accessing them and retrieving moves faster and more efficiently. By identifying the patients and verifying their documents through facial recognition software, healthcare providers can focus on more vital tasks and deal with some emergencies that require more attention. With the Coronavirus outbreak, some companies have developed facial recognition solutions to measure body temperature contactless. For example, Dermalog company has updated its facial recognition hardware solutions and added a safety feature - now it determines the temperature at border points. In addition to that, another company Telpo launches temperature-sensing terminals powered with facial recognition features that work even if a person is wearing a face mask.

    Prevent data breaches

    Unfortunately, companies experience data breaches and hacks that have become a common reality. Moreover, they're so widespread that it's hard to keep the business' data well-protectedtraditional methods of verification and authentication have been compromised. For example, DoorDash suffered a data breachhackers have stolen up to 5 million customers, delivery people and merchants data. Not only personal information such as passwords was compromised, but also data breaches have resulted in a variety of identity thefts. Having that in mind, a great number of companies have decided to replace old, traditional authentication methods that faced plenty of challenges. Only by implementing biometric verification can the system verify an individuals identity based on his/her unique biological traits. Thats why it's imperative for businesses to implement biometrics solutions that help to enhance security and deliver a better experience. In addition to that, they should take appropriate countermeasures to reduce the likelihood of data breaches and prevent the most widely used attacks.

    Facial recognition for security and driver health

    Recently, biometrics facial recognition solution has become an essential part of the industrial environment. It is used by energy companies to provide safety and security possibilities in their chains. For example, Chevron aims to improve both productivity and safety as well as transport routes through technologyfacial recognition solution that helps to detect fatigue and distraction from the eyes/mouth/head in truck drivers and prevent these dangerous behaviors. In addition to that, these solutions can be implemented for security purposes if there is a need to keep track of only authorized individuals who are permitted to enter certain sensitive locations. Moreover, energy companies can utilize mentioned above technology to happen faster in the process of making payments for fuel. For example, mobile-first transaction authorization DriverDash application allows fleet drivers to authorize a fuel transaction directly from the vehicle by using a mobile device powered with facial recognition technology.

    Combat payment fraud

    In todays digital e-commerce market, the risk of becoming a victim of online fraud and payment scams is too high. Moreover, scammers find out more sophisticated methods to hack a system and steal your identity and money. When proceeding payments or cart items, businesses can use digital facial biometric technology. Only by leveraging online face verification can e-commerce businesses verify the individuals identity in real time against the documents provided. Not only does it help to reduce the number of fraudulent transactions, but also facial recognition enables businesses to minimize the risk of facing significant fines or damage to brand and reputation. Furthermore, the facial recognition system can define the age of potential purchasers by examining the facial features and ensure that age-restricted products wont be sold to people who are under the minimum legal age.

    Verify employees

    Companies across all sectors can gain significant advantages from a facial recognition software that simplifies their recruitment process and helps to save time and resources. With robust facial recognition solutions, companies can verify their future staff by identifying applicantsexperience and education credentials. Once a potential candidate uploads his/her documents, the system verifies a candidate against an identity document and confirms whether he/she provides genuine documents or not. Moreover, its a great solution for companies with a lack of e-signature capability or for ones that prefer remote hiring. Additionally, facial recognition software can assess how well candidates will fit into your company's unique work environment. Thats why companies should take into account a cultural fit that is a key component any HR or recruiter should understand at the very start of communication with a potential employee. Thanks to robust facial recognition solutions, you can detect the facial expressions of the company staff by assessing their skills, experience and determine the "ideal" employee's face for your company. Thus, the system used to analyze an applicants face and compare it with the "ideal" employee opens up unique opportunities to understand whether an applicant is a good fit or not.

    Vehicle access control

    There is a great number of possibilities to utilize facial recognition solutions in the automotive industry - from car ignition to cutting down car thefts. Thats why these solutions are a way out to improve both safety and convenience in the automotive sector. According to recent statistics, in 2018 up to 6 billion U.S. dollars were lost when motor vehicles have been stolen in the US. Having that in mind, there is a necessity for automobile manufacturers to take a new and reliable safety measure - face recognition. Not only does it help to keep car owners calm and at peace, but also it offers extra safety opportunities and helps to reduce thefts. Moreover, it can automatically adjust vehicle settings and handle the personal preferences of each car occupant. For instance, the system can automatically adjust heating or start playing favorite music once the vehicle's owner is authorized. Thanks to those possibilities, the driver is able to enjoy a more positive in-cabin experience. More importantly, if there is a child in the vehicle, a camera powered with face recognition feature can detect it, warn parents by recognizing whether a child is unattended, and offer child-focused entertainment content.

    Get direct insights into marketing

    Facial recognition technology has a huge potential in the marketing business domain. From displaying ads in the e-commerce app to tracking consumer behavior to define target audience preference, facial recognition technology is here to stay. What's more, customers want to get exactly what they're looking for, and this technology is a positive step in that direction. Ultimately, face detection solutions can define customer's age, gender and emotional response to what they are looking at. For instance, a well-known tour provider Expedia partnered with the Hawaii Tourism Authority to offer face recognition tour optionsa customized vacation for travelers willing to watch a two-minute video and allow a camera to map their facial expressions to identify what Hawaii-based tourist activities resonate with the users in the most positive way.

    Bottom line: Are you ready to experience facial recognition technology in your business?

    Fortunately, face recognition is gaining traction globally and becoming crucial for a great number of sectors - healthcare and retail, tourism and energy, manufacture and automotive, education and e-commerce, etc. Along with other forms of biometrics, facial recognition solutions are reshaping the landscape when it comes to developing digital solutions for a wide rangefrom individual documents verification and access control to automotive and healthcare. Not only do these solutions deliver seamless biometric identification, improved security and prevent data breaches, but also they provide a more customer-centric approach. In addition to that, when combined with face tracking and analysis, they deliver a more sophisticated in-cabin experience for drivers and move it to the next level. To sum up, facial recognition is in high demand and its benefits are unlimited. Having that in mind, it is essential to focus on the development and implementation of facial recognition solutions to give your business a significant boost.



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