Nowadays banking and fintech sphere apply VR and AR software to help clients control their finances, and manage their deals. VR and AR technologies are powerful tools in banking areas and their inner operations. They help to generate engaging user practices, platforms, and apps, find the best financial solutions, and positive company development. These innovations provide a virtual programmed bank zone where users may have access to the virtual help, management of the personal funds, financial services, and bank support.

The spheres where VR/AR are relevant are the following:

  • Engaging practice with info visualization (converting of data is quicker than ever)
  • Unreal marketing workshops
  • VR shopping
  • Protection (biometrics)

Speaking about payments, VR and AR in financial services are presented specifically in the contact less virtual cards, wallets, pockets. Today credit cards are universal and available for all kinds of services. The protection against theft and self-service experience are also included in the list of VR advantages in the financial sphere.

The info is usually digitally conveyed and the user may apply it without any obstacle. AR and VR finance software can manage and assist the clients in their purchase history or in potential ones. The payments may be done simpler and require only one touch of your finger and blink of your eyes. The info is a crucial part of the financial industry. The solutions performed from the data are important for clients.

The info demonstration apps made by AR may provide admission to the specialized data for financial experts. AR and VR provide mobility and high performance for financial software. It eases many banking and financial operations. Virtual and augmented reality in the banking sector provides a no-bug user experience. These technologies can convert financial data into visual immersive practice and suggest face-to-face experience in the customer’s area.

Fintech applies recently to many operations such as money transfers, start of small business, credit, investments management without human engagement. VR/AR solutions boost the productivity of whole fintech systems. Many companies already encourage customers to use e-wallets or cards as well as apply other banking services.

These immersive technologies may suggest to the users the protection solutions for financial operations and personal identification before the account visit. To assist customers and contact them, financial organizations suggest services like chatbots and provide effective solutions for banking and fintech spheres in the context of the VR environment.

VR and AR software or apps may usually make users find out peculiarities of money processes and have adequate financial literacy.

If you work in the banking or fintech sphere and you want to develop AR/VR solutions, you should have a reliable and expert-partner for this process. We are always ready to help you teach the goal. Our company ServReality is waiting for your call or email. AR and VR use cases in banking, which we develop, you can find in our portfolio. And we hope that our cooperation will be successful and effective.

Nobody can argue, the future of these spheres will be contributed by AR and VR programs. They already adjust the interaction of banking and fintech institutions with their clients, the methods of training and employment of the staff. If you are a part of this business, it is obligatory to adopt your firm systems with VR/AR solutions and implement them effectively for the potential promotion on the market. Our company may help you to boost the growth of your deal, increase incomes and guarantee the minimal loss of users.


What is VR?
➢Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment.
What is AR?
➢AR is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information, sometimes across multiple sensory modalities, including visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory and olfactory.
What does AR and VR in banking and fintech industry?
➢Today, banking and fintech companies either use special VR programs to help people manage their finances, conduct deals instead of using standard meeting rooms or as a marketing tool to generate PR buzz.
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