Is there something you should know about a Photon Engine to run your business successfully?

Probably, no gamer in the whole world hasn’t heard about Photon Engine. It is a widely known multiplayer platform and a networking engine. All in one! This platform gives its user a chance to grow within a Virtual Reality area. ServReality uses this chance. The company consists of more than 100+ experienced programmers with real practice of a photon development and its successful implementation in all kinds of various projects. They are ready, willing, and able to implement and bring to life all your strongest and bravest ideas! All you need is to trust them.

Photon Engine

So let’s get back to our business.

Photon Game Engine consists of 4 products and options they offer:

  • PUN
  • BOLT

Real-time technology products give you an incredible chance to enjoy all kinds of your favorite games along with other players in real-time! It is a platform that gives developers a chance to create and change features within all kinds of video games. Either you hold a game developing studio or a self-employed programmer these products will be suitable for you both.

Photon owns first place in Unity games and widely known as the number one multiplayer software.

Photon development service

Photon technology gives you a lot of comfortable options and space for the best project creation! Such as:

• Cloud Saving
• Scalability on the highest level
• Ability to synchronize and resynchronize photon game modes
• Customized
• Real-time cloud
• Different scale of photon pricing that gives you an ability to choose freely

Bolt options

Bolt package gives a user a lot more options such as:

  • Extraordinary support to authoritative photon games
  • An option of distributing a certain event to correct receivers
  • Replication of a mechanism
  • An option of loading different scenes over the Unity network
  • Cloud Relay and matchmaking
Bolt options

Quantum is a perfect engine for creating action games so you can enjoy playing real-time with your mates, colleagues, or beloved ones throughout the world! It is specially developed for such types of games like RTS, Shooters, Fighting and Sports Games, etc. This product is perfectly optimized for performance, it’s easy to use and exporting Navigation from one product to another, and owns a 2D Physics engine.

ServReality has a long list of successfully implemented and launched projects for various spheres and industries as the gaming industry, trading, education, and a lot more. So, before we’ll start bringing your business to a whole new level our photon developing specialists will carefully analyze your key priorities, target, and potential audience to forecast all the nuances. When it comes to your company and project success ServReality company will do its best to achieve it and earn your business. We value your trust!

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