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    Photon Engine


    In the current gaming landscape, multiplayer gaming reigns supreme. The appeal of solo gaming has been eclipsed by the thrilling prospect of connecting with friends for an exhilarating gaming tournament. Recognizing this trend, game developers have made multiplayer games a primary focus. Enter Photon game development, one of ServReality's premier solutions.



    Photon is a powerful game engine specifically designed for multiplayer game development. It boasts several technologies and solutions that offer gamers top-notch performance. Currently, Photon boasts about twenty million users, which is testament to its superior functionality. If you wish to leverage this engine with Unity, it's a match made in heaven, giving you additional development options. Among the great features of Photon is its Cloud service, which we'll discuss shortly. With Photon software development, you can create a vast array of games, including:

    • Asynchronous/Synchronous games

    • Racing games

    • First-Person Shooters

    • Minecraft-like games

    • Real-time Entertainment

    Photon offers various products, such as Quantum, Realtime, Bolt, Pun, and more, ensuring it meets even the most exacting demands. Many experts recognize Photon's immense potential, with some even suggesting that it may revolutionize the gaming industry. To help you determine if Photon development outsourcing is the right choice for you, let's explore some of its products in more depth.


    Realtime aims to resolve issues with low-latency games. It's a cross-platform solution compatible with a variety of popular games today. Whether you're an individual developer or a large-scale gaming studio, Realtime lets you develop and launch different types of games globally. It comes with features like custom code webhooks and support for diverse gameplay types (both synchronous and asynchronous).


    PUN is a highly valued package for multiplayer games. It offers critical components for high-speed servers, optimal rooms, and more, and it's compatible with all platforms supported by Unity. Available in both PUN free and PUN plus variants, the free package includes a variety of demos, reference documentation, and scripts. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to test it out.

    PUN Plus offers all the features of PUN free, along with a user plan for the Cloud.

    Several other Photon products also enjoy popularity. The choice depends on your team's specific needs and requirements. Quantum and Fusion are frequently selected for Photon mobile development. Rest assured, at ServReality, we're well equipped to handle it for you. Let's delve deeper.


    Let's start with Fusion. This is a networking library designed for Unity, offering a single API that supports diverse architectures like client-hosted, dedicated server, and shared authority.

    Fusion is expertly crafted for seamless integration with Unity, but it doesn't stop there. It also offers additional features such as:

    • Client-side prediction.
    • Data compression.
    • Lag compensation and more.

    Fusion employs a robust tick and snapshot-based simulation system with integrated synchronization, facilitating smooth operations with various libraries, including Unity. It supports a cloud-based mode (where everyone can access objects) and several other configurations, such as

    1. Player-as-host.
    2. Client/Server setup.

    Next, let's take a closer look at Quantum.



    Quantum is an entity component system, specifically designed for multiplayer games built with Unity. The key here is the rollback/predictive approach, which is ideal for latency-sensitive games. The technology stack of Quantum is impressive, boasting:

    • Stateless deterministic libraries: a full suite is provided.
    • Easy integration with the Unity editor and use of various tools.
    • A server-driven prediction/rollback modeling engine.
    • A comprehensive API that ensures easy and direct access to information by pointers.

    These are just a few advantages, but there are many more to explore. But what about the Photon server and cloud? We haven't touched on those yet!


    Whether you're an individual developer or a seasoned studio, Photon Server is an excellent choice. This server game development app is widely recognized as one of the best solutions available and supports various platforms. It facilitates the creation of a wide variety of games with intriguing features. However, if you're inexperienced, it's advisable to entrust such tasks to professionals.


    The Photon Cloud serves as the connector between your computer and the server that runs your game. In simpler terms, it's your game's hosting service but at an affordable cost. The best part is that you get to configure the server settings yourself.


    Rooms are special spaces where players gather. You can set a limit to the number of players in a room and more. A list of available rooms can be found in the lobby. You can join a room of your choice, maybe to link up with friends, or choose a random one to test your skills.


    In the lobby, room numbers are stored. A lobby isn't compulsory; you can connect to any room if you know its number.


    Typically, a room accommodates anywhere from two to sixteen players. But that's just a general trend; some rooms can host much larger numbers. Rooms with 30-70 players aren't uncommon, and some can even accommodate hundreds of users.

    The possibilities might seem limitless, but there is indeed a limit on the number of messages one can send per second. Excessive messaging can lead to performance issues. Fast-paced games should avoid too many players as it may require additional measures. Turn-based games, on the other hand, work well with a higher number of players.



    The debate comparing single-player and multiplayer games has persisted for a considerable amount of time. Gamers consistently weigh these two types, each offering unique experiences and levels of enjoyment. Nevertheless, a significant number of people favor multiplayer games.

    Most multiplayer games provide a competitive edge and seem to offer the most enticing incentives. By nature, they are somewhat more constrained than single-player games, as they rely on the active involvement of multiple players. This necessitates some limitations on game mechanics and precludes some options available in single-player games. Common themes for multiplayer games encompass sports, shooters, and arena battle zones.

    Currently, Photon is regarded as one of the most promising and popular game engines. If you're seeking Photon development, you've landed in the right place.

    Our expertise and the advantages of Photon development:

    • Customized solutions: Our professionals will work closely with you, discussing all the minutiae to ensure our collaboration's success. We can integrate any features you require.

    • Profound experience: Our team comprises experts with extensive experience in Photon development. We're not novices who'll grapple with concepts during the project: we know what to select and how to maximize the utility of the chosen option.

    • Proven track record: If you're still uncertain, feel free to browse our previous works. Our comprehensive portfolio includes a wide array of examples of our work for your consideration.

    If you're still on the fence, don't hesitate to reach out to our managers. They're ready to clarify any uncertainties, answer all your questions, and assist in price estimation. We look forward to working with you!



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