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Nowadays, one of the most popular gaming methods is multiplay. Solo gaming is considered boring by many players, while the ability to connect with friends to arrange a tournament is just what the doctor ordered to make the evening enjoyable. Multiplayer is now the king: all the developers understand it. That's why developing multiplayer games is at the peak of popularity now. Meet Photon game development – one of the best ServReality solutions.

Photon Engine

The essence of Photon development

As you have already understood, Photon is a game engine that offers an extremely popular solution – multiplayer development. Photon offers several solutions and technologies that provide players with excellent performance. For now, the number of users is about twenty million, which underlines the fact of how great Photon is. If you want to utilize this engine together with Unity – you are welcome! This will provide you with additional options for development. Another great thing is that Photon has a Cloud (we will discuss it a little bit later). All in all, with the help of Photon software development, one can create games of diverse types, including:

  • Asynchronous/synchronous games
  • Racing games
  • Shooters (first-person ones)
  • Games similar to Minecraft
  • Real-time entertainment

There are many products offered by Photon. Those include Quantum, Realtime, Bolt, Pun, and more. So, Photon will definitely satisfy even the most demanding people. Experts claim the Photon potential is pretty high. Some even believe it will change the industry completely. So, for you to get a better understanding of whether you really need Photon development outsourcing, let’s take a look at several products in more detail.

photon dev


What is a Realtime? The goal of this engine is to fix bags with low-latency games. It is a cross-platform solution, which means it works with diverse games that are popular nowadays. With the help of the solution, one can develop and launch games of diverse types globally, irrespective of who you are: an individual developer or a giant studio. Custom sode webhooks, diverse gameplay types (synchronous/asynchronous) are just several benefits of the solution.


PUN is another solution that is highly appreciated by developers. It is a package for multiplayer games. Why do we need it? Well, first of all, it is essential to create components for fast server speeds, perfect rooms, and more. It can be connected to all platforms supported by Unity. There are two options available: PUN free and PUN plus. The free package includes diverse demos, reference documentation, and scripts. It is a nice chance to give it a try.

A PUN Plus option includes all the PUN free options and a user plan for the Cloud.

There are several other pretty popular Photon products. Which one to choose? It depends on your and your team’s needs and requirements. As a rule, Quantum and Fusion are chosen really often for Photon mobile development. We at ServReality can do it for you, of course. Let’s consider both.


So, we’ll start with Fusion. It is a networking library for Unity. You will be surprised, but a single API offers diverse architectures. For example, client-hosted, dedicated server, and shared authority.

Fusion is a truly skillfully created solution; that’s why integration with Unity is incredibly easy and runs smoothly. Nevertheless, plenty of extra features are also offered. Those are:

  • Client-side prediction.
  • Data compression.
  • Lag compensation and more.

Fusion implements a robust tick and snapshot-based simulation system with built-in synchronization. It makes it possible to work seamlessly with diverse libraries, including Unity. There is a cloud-based mode (each person has access to objects) and several other options:

  1. Player-as-host.
  2. Client/Server setup.

Let’s now take a look at Quantum.


Quantum entity component system is also created for multiplayer games built with Unity. The secret here is a rollback/predictive approach. Experts say it is a perfect choice for latency-sensitive games. The technology stack of the solution is truly impressive.

  • Stateless deterministic libraries: a full set of those is offered.
  • Integration with the Unity editor and using diverse tools is incredibly easy.
  • A server-driven prediction/fallback modeling engine.
  • Great API ensures easy and direct access to information by pointers.

These are just several advantages, but there are much more of those. What else is included in the Photon development service? We haven't mentioned the Proton server and cloud yet!

Photon server

No matter who you are – a developer who works on his own or an experienced studio, Photon Server will definitely suit your taste. This server game development app is now considered one of the best options. Plenty of different platforms are supported. Using this solution, one can create diverse games with interesting options. Nevertheless, if you have little experience, it is better to give such a task to professionals.

Photon cloud

And finally, a cloud. Photon cloud is a kind of connector between your computer and server that is responsible for running your game. Simply put, it is hosting, but it does not cost too much. The great thing is that you are allowed to select server settings yourself.


Rooms are special places where players gather. It is possible to limit the number of players for a room and more. A list of rooms can be found in the lobby. You can connect to a room of your choice to join your friends, for example, or choose any random one to try your luck.


In the lobby, room numbers are stored. You shouldn't necessarily have a lobby; it is possible to connect to any room (if you know its number).

Rooms: how many players are there?

As a rule, there are from to sixteen players in one room. But it's just the statistics: the actual number of users per room may be much higher. Rooms with 30-70 players can be found, which already sounds pretty impressive! Rooms can fit hundreds of users: that's for sure.

It would seem that the possibilities are limitless, but this is actually not so. The number of messages one can send per second is limited. If you send too many messages, it may lead to performance problems. But it depends. If the game is fast-paced, it is better not to try playing it with too many people: additional measures may be required in this case. As for turn-based options, a high number of gamers is good here.

photon service

Photon app development: choose professionals

The debate about single-player and multiplayer games has been around for a long time. Gamers have always compared the two and debated which game offers the best experience and fun. Nevertheless, a majority of people prefer multiplayers.

Most multiplayer games are competitive and seem to offer the greatest incentive. They are inherently a little more limited than single-player games, as they depend on the participation of several players.

This, in turn, limits the game mechanics and eliminates some of the options available in single-player games. Multiplayer games are usually tailored to sports themes, shooters, and arena war zones.

Nowadays, Photon is considered one of the most promising and popular engines. If you need a Photon development, you are just in the right place.

Our experience and benefits of Photon development:

  • We can create the solution to suit any taste. Our professionals will discuss all the minor details with you, so the success of our cooperation is guaranteed. We can implement any features you need.
  • Our professionals have an extensive experience in the field of Photon development. We are not beginners who will try to clarify things during the process: we know what to choose and how to use the chosen option to the fullest.
  • You can take a look at our previous works if you are not yet sure. Our extensive portfolio includes diverse examples of our work, so take a look.

If you are still hesitating, just call our managers: they will make things clear for you, answer all the questions, and help to calculate the price. We are waiting for you!

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