Outsource unreal game development

    Outsource unreal game development

    Creating computer entertainment on the Unreal engine is a complicated process, but if the task is performed by professionals, the result is a high-class solution. The development task itself is quite complicated, overloaded and has a not quite logical interface. However, this particular type of entertainment is characterized by great graphics and advanced artificial intelligence. The development of game utilities in the genre Unreal engaged in qualified specialists who know how to create a quality application almost from scratch. And customers will not regret, if they outsource unreal game development to our company's team, because it has a lot of excellent cases under its belt.

    Why choose the Unreal engine

    Our team has been creating entertainment based on the Unreal engine for a long time. Its advantages are:

    1. Extensive range of options. With this engine, you can develop a game of any genre with various types of logic.
    2. Visual programming. Even a beginner can create fun on the engine Unreal due to the implemented visual scripting system, which will eliminate the need for more complex programming systems.
    3. Free license. The manual states that until the created game makes a million dollars i profit, there is no charge for using the engine. Further the manufacturer charges a fee of 5% of profits.
    4. Ability to use a cross-platform platform. Many users have a variety of devices at their disposal, and the Unreal engine will allow you to create a game adapted to different devices.
    5. Wide range of users. Over the years of use, the program has gained many users whoare ready to share their developments or experiences.

    Our company uses the latest version of the Unreal engine to develop great games, so our experts can be trusted.


    Stages of Unreal game development

    Creating games on the Unreal platform alone is difficult, so our team has the following stages:

    1. Prototyping. This is the initial testing of the game, which is so far presented as a separate project. Some games may not even pass this stage.
    2. First test. This stage gives a better idea of the graphics and gameplay. This project is still far from being finished, but the creators are gradually correcting the shortcomings as they are tested.
    3. Vertical cut. This is a preliminary version of the project, which needs to be presented to customers. With it, interested parties can see and evaluate the game first hand.
    4. Pre-Alpha. This is where most of the game content is created and important decisions are made. New decisions can be added to the content to improve gameplay.
    5. Alpha stage. This stage means that the game development is complete, all features are in place, and the game can be fully played. The testers will make sure the application works perfectly, and they will inform our specialists about the detected defects.
    6. Beta. At this stage, content and all resources are integrated and the team's attention is focused on optimizing the game.

    In the final stage, developers send the finished game to the studio for its publication and presentation to the general public.

    Why is outsourcing unreal game development profitable?

    Development of games on the Unreal engine in our outsourcing company is a simple and cost-effective method of implementing computer entertainment ideas with minimal costs. The advantages of our team include:

    1. Control over the process. Any client who outsources his project to us will be sure that our team will report to him on the progress of the process. Management will take care of all the details.
    2. Cohesion. We know all the strengths and weaknesses of the team, so tasks are distributed according to their abilities. Specialists work as a team not for the first day, so there is complete understanding between them.
    3. Expertise. Our developers are highly experienced in game development which allows excluding all kinds of mistakes and introducing the most effective solutions. This will allow you to avoid additional costs related to elimination of drawbacks.
    4. Frugality. You can save on game development if you apply to our outsourcing company. The money you save on outsourcing you will be able to invest in the game'spromotion and forget about the nerve-racking during the game's creation.

    In addition, our company has a solid reputation and an extensive list of outsource unreal game development cases. You won't regret, if you apply to us to create a high-class game with high-quality graphics.


    Stages of work with the client

    Our team will provide reliable outsource unreal game development services through which you can experience the power of technology solutions to create better applications. Our process of communication with the client ensures excellent results. Our working principle is as follows:

    1. Leaving an application. You may fill in a form on our website or call our manager.
    2. Meeting with the client. At this stage there is a discussion of ideas and requirements. Once the ideas are clear, then the development of a structural prototype of the game starts.
    3. Drawing up an agreement. Between the team of experts and the client draw up an agreement in which all the terms are spelled out in detail. This is necessary to ensure that each party will faithfully perform the assigned duties.
    4. Advance payments. The team receives an advance payment, which is necessary to stimulate further work. This point is also stipulated in the interview with clients.

    Next, the team begins developing the games. The team always adheres to the deadlines set out in the contract, and informs clients about every stage. You will get an excellent result, even better than you imagined. In addition, our team is constantly growing and developing, as well as using only innovative products. The number of our customers is constantly growing for the following reasons:

    • customer focus;
    • favorable prices;
    • an extensive range of services;
    • high professionalism.

    Unique products created by the efforts of our team will satisfy even the most picky customers. If you have an idea for a game, contact us. We will put your ideas into practice, making your dream a reality.



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