Outsource MMORPG game development

    Outsource MMORPG game development

    Interest in games today is growing at an incredible speed. Every year there are a large number of new projects, but not all of them are successful. Suppose you have an idea to develop an MMORPG on outsourcing. The specialists of our company will be able to implement your project, taking into account all your wishes in the shortest possible time.

    Stages of MMORPG game development

    MMORPG is an online role-playing game that allows a large number of people to play and communicate with each other at the same time. Making such a voluminous technological software stable, bright, and beautiful is quite a complex process.

    MMORPG game creation can be divided into 2 parts – design and development.


    For MMORPG developers, the design phase is often longer and more complex than development, as it involves fundamental creative work. The following design stages can be distinguished:

    • Ideas;
    • Scenarios;
    • Storyboard;
    • Animation;
    • Sound engineering;
    • Management.

    If you order MMORPG game development outsourcing, you must be prepared for a long and challenging job since all of the above steps are discussed in detail with the customer to be sure that this is how they see the graphics, sound effects, story, and management of the future project. At the design stage, it is necessary to involve many narrow specialists, such as designers, artists, animators, sound engineers, and many others.

    The better you think about the future project, the easier it will be to implement it at the next stage.



    After you finish designing, you can start developing software. It involves the following steps:

    • Coding;
    • Testing;
    • Prototyping;
    • Production.

    Nobody develops software from scratch today. There are a large number of ready-made engines and other technical solutions that simplify development as much as possible. Programmers choose the most suitable of them and compliment them, which allows you to create a unique product. Unity (ideal for 3D projects) and Unreal (suitable for projects for different platforms – PC, consoles, mobile devices) are among the most popular engines for developing such games.

    In parallel with development, it is necessary to perform testing to identify the slightest errors and vulnerabilities at an early stage until they lead to new, more complex problems.

    Once the game is prototyped, you should bring in a few independent players to play through the game and identify any potential flaws. In addition, it will attract new investors, if necessary.

    When you finalize the software, you can release the product to the market.

    2D or 3D: what to choose?

    Interest in computer games is snowballing, which leads to the fact that more and more technologies contribute to the development of this industry as a whole. To develop a new game, you must evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of 2D and 3D versions.

    3D games are always brighter and more colorful to compete with famous brands. However, the cost of such software is much higher, and not all players have the necessary software to enjoy such a game to the fullest.

    However, most experts say that 3D projects are becoming more successful and in demand. By creating such projects, you participate in developing the entire industry, setting trends, and showing that your product can be competitive.


    Our services

    If you are looking for MMORPG game development outsourcing, the specialists of our company will be able to implement even the most complex product. The list of our services includes:

    • Full development. Our specialists can perform a complete development cycle from concept creation to release and maintenance;
    • Design. Elaboration of game lore, mechanics, and unique outlets;
    • Art. Creation of graphics based on the finished design concept, including the image of characters, environments, and visual effects.
    • Animation. Create animated 2D or 3D art assets, characters, and environments.
    • Testing. Testing is one of the most critical elements in software development, as it allows you to identify possible errors and vulnerabilities that can negatively affect the quality of the game.

    When ordering MMORPG game development outsourcing, you can get a full range of services or order separate development stages, if necessary.



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