Zalando, H&M and co.: A Startup wants to revolutionize 3D technology, the shopping of fashion
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    • Zalando, H&M and co.: A Startup wants to revolutionize 3D technology, the shopping of fashion

    Zalando, H&M and co.: A Startup wants to revolutionize 3D technology, the shopping of fashion

    The Online fashion retailer Zalando, at least in caps its targets for the year.Getty Images

    The ever-increasing number of Return shipments will cost Online retailers millions. A Start-up wants to solve the Problem now with a sophisticated concept. The technology could revolutionize the Online Shopping returns could be in order, at least in part, redundant.

    3D-Image of one’s own body should be able to try on clothes virtually

    The London-based Start-up Metail would like to announce the Return-happy customer of Amazon, Zalando and co. in the fight, reported the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. The Vision: pieces of clothing, should henceforth be tried on online in a virtual dressing room. This not only saves effort, cost and is more hygienic, but it could provide, especially for less returns — so the hope.

    And that’s how it should work: customers upload a full body photo together with your body measurements in Metail-Portal. Using Augmented Reality, the company then creates a detailed 3D Image of the customer. Metail, the body proportions of the digital 3D object to correspond to 92 to 96 percent with those of the real body. In this model, the consumer can try on then comfortable garments and whole Outfits and changed in seconds — without the hassle of Moving or dusty cabins.

    All clothing pieces are digitized, the next Big hurdle to the Start-up.

    Many customers want a better virtual Shopping experience

    That Metail with his projects, the ravages of time, has recently revealed a study by the market research Institute Yougov. Accordingly, a majority of Online shoppers was of the opinion that they could close with Augmented Reality, the information gap that arises when you try on fashion physically, but only ordered online.

    And not only the customer could benefit from the development. Especially the traders themselves could be the biggest beneficiaries of the new technology. According to the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” will be sent each year to 286 million packets back — most of the traders take over the return costs. With the viruellen locker room, the clients could make much more focused decisions about which size is right for you, instead of ordering two or three sizes of the same garment — a large potential for savings for the fashion retailer.

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    How well is the concept of “virtual Anprobiern” has been proven to work, the Online glasses retailer Misterspex in the past. Here, customers can eyeglasses from the comfort of home in front of the Webcam to try on. The glasses model is shown in real time on the client’s head, while seen in the Webcam.



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