You're not on the front page of Google? You don't exist.

Last year, almost 61% of Poles made purchases on the internet. The pandemic has locked us in our homes and moved our business online, forcing many brands to change their business model in an instant. Interest in convenient online shopping has increased by almost 20% in Poland over the past four years, bringing significant revenues to online stores. However, the main condition for the success of the store in the network is its visibility. The owners of online sites confirm the following: today, if you are not on the network, you do not exist. And even: if you’re not on the first page of Google, you can forget about success. The reason is simple-no one will find you.

Positioning-do it yourself?

The first place of a particular online store in Google search is never a coincidence. This is due to positioning (SEO) – a series of actions on the web and beyond, which are designed to expose the demanding algorithms of Google. in the world of positioning, there is a fierce struggle to “beat” a given site into the top 10 of the search engine. And although this success sometimes succeeds novice SEO-wcom, and even laypeople who are just entering the industry, most often the battle for the first places is won by recognized eMarketing agencies. Why? Because they have a team of specialists, proven, often paid tools and experience of thousands of successful projects.

– In this business, knowledge counts. We have been operating in the SEO market for over ten years, we know what works and what effects we can expect. Preparing a website to meet Google’s requirements often involves modifying its code, and therefore purely specialized activities-says Michał wiecław, CEO of the agency grupa TENSE, which has just won the title of European champion in positioning. – Experience is also important. The longer someone works with Google’s algorithms, the easier it is to predict how a site will react to their cyclical changes, ” he explains.

How to choose an SEO agency

With the growing interest in online marketing, competition in the Polish SEO agency market has also increased. Many website owners ask themselves what to look for when choosing an agency-what to look for, what to ask at the first meeting.

In the era of meetings at zoom, you can cooperate with an agency from any city in Poland, so you should start your search with a decent research on the internet. It is important to pay attention to the portfolio of agencies. Even if you run a small company, and the agency has among its customers large brandy and nationwide companies, do not be afraid of cooperation. If the agency cooperated with reputable companies, it probably has good specialists and relevant know-how.

It is worth paying attention to where the agency itself is located in the search engine. If we want to use the services of a company that is supposed to promote our site to the top positions, it is worth it to be in the ” top ” of Google itself.

The price of positioning services depends on many factors: the expected results, the quality of our website, industry, competition. It is worth knowing that there are several models of accounting for positioning – you need to match them to your own business. When signing a contract, we need to be sure what we are paying for: how the service works, how we will be billed, on what variables the amount on the invoice will depend. The best SEO results are obtained when the client cooperates with the agency and is open to conversations or changes.

– The success of SEO agencies is really the success of their clients. Last year we won the title of world champion in positioning for our work for the service year’s main prize in the European Search Awards is due to the development of excellent results for the site of the SoWa confectionery. These results translate into more traffic to our customers ‘ websites and more people interested in their offer. In this arrangement, everyone wins-argues Michał więcław.

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