Yoga and IT

Yoga and IT

Many of us, looking at yoga from a distance, use false, though popular stereotypes. For example, that yoga is only for women; that it is boring and static; that you need to be flexible, young and super fit, or on the other hand, that it is good for older people with big movement problems… but surely “yoga is not for me”.

It is true that in the framework of yoga can be found and classes specifically for women or the elderly or with problems with the spine. There are many schools and varieties of yoga, also everyone will find yoga that suits his needs. For example, men are much more likely to like the practice of yoga if they choose dynamic activities that evenly involve strength, coordination and agility, such as traditional Ashtanga, or classes called vinyasa or Vinyasa flow.

No matter which yoga you choose, check if you need yoga at all, because it may happen that none of the following reasons apply to you. This will mean that you are already a yogi;).

Do you spend most of the day sitting at your desk in a hunched position, your back often hurts?

Yoga at first, it is mainly working with the physical body, it resembles a little sport, but basically it differs from sports in that in yoga we are not interested in how the body presents itself outside, but how we find ourselves inside it.

By practicing yoga, you will quickly learn to be in good contact with the body, feel comfortable and pleasant in it, learn to accept the needs of the body such as the need for activity and relaxation. Then you will also notice that externally the body also changes, and radically. You’ll notice how:

  • they relax and straighten your back, so you get rid of back pain.

  • Arrives you missing muscles that stabilize the figure, primarily along the spine in the waist, around the knees and at the top of the thighs. These are the muscles responsible for the correct figure and mobility and stability of the spine.

  • As the stabilization of the spine and pelvis improves, large parts of the muscles of the arms, back, legs will begin to relax, lengthen and acquire a pleasant shape and appearance.

  • The body will become lighter and slimmer, and you will feel better not only physically, but above all mentally.

Yoga will not only allow you to regain contact with the body. As you regain the pleasure of being with your body, you will learn to concentrate and quiet your thoughts so that your daily tasks will not pose a challenge to you.

Once you awaken body consciousness, working with it becomes a natural activity and a daily necessity, because you will discover that our well-being does not depend on external circumstances, but on how we internally perceive, process and respond to stimuli from the environment. By changing our body posture, we change how we feel and react with ourselves and our surroundings.

When we take an open posture, that is:

  • strong legs and vertical pelvis-give strength and support for the press;

  • straight and loose back – relieve stress and internal tension;

  • open chest – will allow us to breathe calmly, measured and deep;

  • relaxed shoulders, neck, head and face-allow us to think calmly, take adequate and effective actions.

Do you often feel tired, lack time and energy for daily activities, do not feel like taking on new tasks?

In our body we feel not only anatomical impressions-do we keep our backs straight or hunched? do we put our feet correctly? do we keep the face, neck, neck relaxed? …

On a deeper level, behind the anatomical impressions are energy sensations: do we have more or less energy? Are we in the phase of activity or rest? Are we calm and relaxed, or maybe tense and tired?

Yoga teaches us to manage our energy to more efficiently use the time of activity, then we are effective in action, and when the need for regeneration comes, we do not resist, give in and rest fully. In this way you will discover that the daily practice of yoga does not take time, but on the contrary, it will teach you to effectively manage your energy, time and attention so that they are enough not only for everyday professional duties, but also for joyfully indulging in your passions and enjoying what life brings to us.

Do you play sports regularly, but still feel tense, lack of freedom and lightness?

When you feel that you have gained some control over the energy processes in your body, you will find that many things that seemed difficult, tedious and tiring, come to you more and more easily, and things that were not possible before, seem closer and closer. Instead, what previously aroused your fears-new positions, challenges, begin to engage and fascinate you. This process takes place both at the physical and mental level.

Yoga will allow you to experience that feeling of freedom, freedom and relaxation is created in the body and is received here. Therefore, to be able to work effectively with energy and emotions, mental tension and stress, we need physical practice that will guide our attention inward, teach us concentration, control of thoughts, patterns and cognitive processes.

You try to eat healthy and exercise regularly, but you lack perseverance and strong willpower?

The good news is that yoga practice requires self-denial only at the beginning. In any trip, the most difficult is the first step-to go to a yoga school for beginners. Over time, as you experience the effects of regular yoga practice, you will return to it more and more willingly, with more and more attention and pleasure. After some time, even if for some reason you will not be able to get to yoga classes, then you will find a moment to practice alone at home, and even being in the office you will feel the need to stretch and stretch.

When we begin to correctly perceive and understand the information flowing from the physical, energy and emotional body, we naturally begin to regulate our behavior in relation to the environment and to ourselves, that is, our habits, diet, rhythm of the day, lifestyle.

Awareness of the body causes that we no longer only know how to take care of your health, well-being or beauty but feel a strong inner need to act in accordance with yourself.

We will quickly notice that yoga is necessary for us to function at a high level of health, well-being, energy and mindfulness.

About the author

Przemek Nadolny-yoga sociologist and cultural anthropologist, sociotherapist, teacher and founder of yogarepublic . He teaches yoga since 2003. he writes for the yoga portal – and actively works for the development of yoga in Poland within the association agreement of yoga schools – PorozumienieJogi.Pl.he has a certificate of the second degree of the Institute of kpjayi in India.

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