XR Games, events and experiences in June 2022

XR Games, events and experiences in June 2022

After a month of May short of VR content, the month of June brings us summer and about twenty new games and updates, as well as a new festival Next Fest of demos on Steam and a good handful of experiences on Tribeca Immersive. So if we don’t play VR this month it will be because of the rise in temperatures and the opening of swimming pools, not for lack of news for our viewers.

Wednesday 1

  • The World Beyond: the experience that Mark Zuckerberg taught with a pixelated Cambria viewer, already in App Lab for Quest.
  • Blink God: if you like climbing, this game proposes us to do it by launching teleportation spheres through buildings and ravines with comic aesthetics. On Steam for PC VR for only 7,37 € for a few days, then €8.19.

Thursday 2

  • State of Play none of the games for PlayStation VR2 that are submitted will be published this month. There is no confirmed release for PSVR for June, but there are sure to be a couple of new features and more puzzles for Puzzling Places in the DLC Monthly Pack #3.
  • Eternal Starlight adds Endless Mode and several improvements to its galactic real-time strategy. PC VR and Meta Quest.
  • Wings 1941: Air battles in World War 2 with voxel aesthetics for Meta Quest.
  • The Last Clockwinder: puzzles and clones for PC VR and Quest 2 which we loved when we tried it at ROV Explorers.
  • Drums Rock will bring all the improvements accumulated in App Lab to PC VR, and some unique features – support for LIV.
  • First Person Tennis: Virtual tennis for Quest with a title already present on other VR platforms.
  • World of Mechs – A week late, the war between 20-meter-high robots breaks out.

Thursday 9

  • Aeolia: The environmental adventure of Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia continues. Puzzles, music and a world to be saved, this time only for Meta Quest 2.
  • Green Hell VR: one of the games PC VR most anticipated of the year, it arrives after many delays. There is a desire to play it for what it is, but also to compare it with the flat game on which it is based and with the VR version of Quest 2.
  • Cities VR will grow with the Metro & Traffic Routing update, and its rival Little Cities, will incorporate this month the possibility of playing without controllers, only with our hands. Cities VR is only for Meta Quest 2, while Litte Cities is for Meta Quest 1 and 2.
  • Swordsman was going to get a big update in PC VR and get out in Quest 2 at the end of May, but it has taken a couple more weeks. We will see the result on June 9.

Thursday 16

Friday the 17th
Shadowgate VR: The Mines of Mythrok: dungeon exploration adventure that has already arrived on Quest and Rift, now on Steam.

Our crystal ball does not arrive until the second half of June, at least not to specify release dates for games such as Barbaria on Steam, The Celestial Throne update to Zenith or the multiplayer to Stride in its Quest and PC editions, with cross-play between both platforms. To PSVR this feature will arrive later, and the studio recently confirmed that there will never be a version for Oculus Rift.

Festivals of games and experiences XR:

  • Tribeca Immersive: more than 20 different audiovisuals from June 8 to 19 that we can see at the Museum of Other Realities.
  • Steam Next Fest: We are sure to have about twenty VR game demos. Confirmed are some like Maestro VR, Tiny Hearts and The Last Worker. There are rumors that, this time yes, we will see something from Undead Citadel, but perhaps it is better not to get your hopes up.
  • Upload Showcase– videos of many new VR games will be shown at this event. One of them from Fast Travel Games, its main sponsor. As also supported by Vertigo Games, we may see some advance of some unpublished title in development or present the 2nd Season of After The Fall.

As you can see, in the month of June it does not seem that there will be a drought like in May. The number of games that we are going to be able to try or complete is huge, and not all of them are in this article. We could add Kayak VR Mirage, but we don’t trust that the June 28 date that is marked on Steam will be met. On that day, by the way, those who have pre-ordered a digital copy of F1 22 will be able to start roaring the engines of their Formula 1 cars.

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