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    X-ray the IT employer before recruitment

    Many programmers would like to work in a large and well-known company. Not without reason are prepared rankings of top employers, but unfortunately, reality quickly verifies these plans. It often turns out that you have to look for employment with a less well-known employer, sometimes small and, moreover, operating mainly in the local market.

    In a better position are experienced programmers who have been working in the labor market for several years and can boast of good knowledge and skills. They are also often willing to work for the biggest or most recognizable companies, although they often choose to work in these less well-known companies. However, to these specialists recruiters often apply themselves, offering a job.

    However, both a novice coder and an experienced specialist, they should thoroughly X-ray the future employer before they decide on a recruitment interview. It’s not difficult at all.

    Employer’s website

    If you want to meet a potential future employer, of course, you should start by looking at his website. First you need to check, what exactly does the company do, where its head office is located, whether it has branches in other localities (if you are looking for employment outside your place of residence). It is also worth noting, who are the company’s customers (this is also often praised by entrepreneurs in the relevant pages of websites).

    A reasonable step would also be familiarization with the history of the company, and in particular to pay attention to breakthrough moments. This will tell you whether the business of the future employer is really developing and how fast, and also whether he has any successes to his credit. Of course, you can not skip the section with the news, if any, or with press releases.

    You also need to pay attention to products or services offered by the company. By the way, we will immediately pay attention to reviews about these products on the internet (for example, on forums). However, we will mention this in more detail.

    On the site you can also often trace information about values communicated by the companywhat is important to her, what she puts a lot of emphasis on, as well as find out who is at the head of the company. All these messages can already create in the mind of the candidate a certain image of the future employer. Immediately important note: you can not stop analyzing the company page.

    Bulldogjob as a support tool

    Now we will allow ourselves a little privacy, but bulldogjob was created precisely to connect candidates with employers, to make it easier to get to know the latter. So we will tell you how to use our portal as a source of knowledge about employers.

    Bulldogjob will allow you to get to know the technical face of the employer, the technology on which the company is focused, and on the way its profile will answer the most frequently asked questions at recruitment interviews (e.g. salary issues, the possibility of participating in various projects, etc.).).

    We do not focus on the business side of the employer, but on technology. From the company profile you will learn, among other things, what projects are possible to participate in. You will also find out why the employer thinks it is worth working with him and what bonuses he offers.

    But that’s not all. The candidate has a chance to read what the employer writes about on the pages of our portal, and thus can check his competence in a given topic.

    In addition to articles, there will also be job offers of the employer, if any recruitment is currently open. Thanks to this connection, you can know not only the future place of work, but also the method of creating soft in the companythat interests you.

    Employer offer templates are prepared in such a way that candidates can see whether something is being created in a particular company “on hurrah”, or maybe with an idea and a plan. This demonstration of the methodology of work immediately allows you to decide whether the candidate corresponds to the employer and is it worth investing time in a recruitment interview.

    Social media and reviews

    A lot about the employer can also tell his profile in social media. More and more companies are using this channel to build their own image and to connect with potential job candidates. On the official profiles you can find the latest news from the company, read about the most important events of the last period. Not unimportant is also ability to contact and ask questions.

    Opinions should also not be forgotten. Thanks to the internet, you can easily check not only how the products of the selected company are evaluated, as we have already mentioned, but also learn how the company is perceived as a contractor, and perhaps also as an employer. It is worth taking some time to search.

    Finally, after arming yourself with this knowledge, acquired on the company’s website, thanks to the Bulldogjob portal, social media and reinforced by opinions from the internet, you can decide whether it is worth applying to a particular employer or it is worth making an appointment for a recruitment interview. Remember, knowledge is a powerful weapon, even when you’re looking for a job.



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