World Virtual Reality Day is celebrated this year on November 19th

World Virtual Reality Day is celebrated this year on November 19th

This Saturday, November 19th is the date chosen this year to celebrate the World Virtual Reality Day, an initiative that is now in its 6th year and that, as in previous editions, serves as an excuse to organize events and conferences around extended realities. As on other occasions, we are going to collect in this news only some, if others are celebrated in your region or city, let us know in the comments.

At the national level, the main events are grouped around the VR Day Spain 2022 platform, promoted by the Extended Reality Association of Spain lNMERSIVA XR, the Tenerife Science and Technology Park, GDG Zaragoza, Neàpolis, XRHub Pamplona and GR Interactiva. The topics of discussion this year will be the possibility of accessing the metaverse from virtual reality, and the importance of extended realities, in general, and in the future of the Internet.

Among the various activities we highlight the conference of César Urbina on Mapi, the revolutionary and controversial girl presenter of a TVE contest created using augmented reality, which will take place at 12 noon. Before there will be a talk about little-known Spanish VR applications and then Patricia M. Val will introduce us Spacecreator, a tool to create personalized virtual spaces on the web that some big brands already use for their events.

From 13h to 14h there will be a round table on Digital identity, whose speakers will be Mar Guixà (Trendimensional), Alexandra Cavero (The Data Ventura) and Cai Felip (Union Avatars). It will try to explain how the way people are recognized in immersive environments is changing, it will talk about the future of digital identity and about what role privacy plays in all this.

In the afternoon there will be local activities in Madrid, Tenerife and Granada, with the possibility of trying demos, meeting with creators, etc. Tickets to these events are reserved through the VR Day Spain website.

Organized by the Digital Content of Malaga, on Saturday the 19th there will be a series of workshops and lectures by several people who have collaborated in Real or Virtual. The earliest riser will be Veronica Rodriguez (@veronica_IamVR), who will talk about how video games are the engine of the virtual reality industry. Later, Celia JR (@celiadesigns), will explain why she is “in love” with VR.

From 12h to 13.30 it will be the turn for Alejandro Cáceres and his VR Narrative conference: new ways of communicating. In the afternoon, at 17.30h, Luca Mefisto will explain his experience in the design of applications with hand tracking. At 18h, Javier Jurado will lead a workshop on the Unreal engine.

In addition to all these presentations, the VR Day in Malaga will feature the presentation of the XR projects of the digital coworking of La Brújula. The day will be streamed and can be followed through Twitch. This Saturday, November 19th is also the day chosen for the Augmentame EDU 2022 event in Barcelona.

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