With Oculus Quest VR cuts the cord

With Oculus Quest VR cuts the cord

OBJECTS OF THE FUTURE – Virtual reality intends to democratize with this mask. A complete, powerful, and affordable object to enter a new dimension on one level.

To get started with virtual reality (VR), many products have already been available for a while, from the Google CardBoard-style cardboard box to the Samsung Gear VR via the PlayStation VR or HTC Vive system. Some are to be used with the screen of his smartphone, the others to be connected to a dedicated console or a PC. In both cases, the problem is obvious: the experience is not satisfactory for the former because a little too passive, uncomfortable for the latter since they must be wired to the source and assume the installation of one or more external sensors to locate you in space.

The ideal would have been to have the freedom of movement of the first and the power of the second. It seems that the subsidiary of Facebook, Oculus, has found the winning combination with its new mask, the Quest. Indeed, it finally releases wires without compromising on performance. This is an all-in-one, self-contained VR headset. All the technology necessary for its operation (processor, GPU, battery …) is embedded in 600 grams to wear on the face, including sensors. And here the difference in gaming experience compared to other systems is undeniable. Freedom of movement and portability make it a real novelty in this type of products.

Fast implementation

A few minutes are enough to enjoy the Quest. Once the application is loaded on the smartphone, it will install the apps and games directly in the mask which itself will communicate with the home wifi. Unlike the Oculus Go released last year, the Quest is accompanied by two controllers called Touch and no longer a simple remote control.

It is then sufficient to put on the mask for the first shock to operate. The room you are in has not disappeared but has turned into a kind of black and white movie scene with a pixelation effect strangely reminiscent of the vision that Hannibal Lecter had through his night vision glasses in the Silence of the lambs. The effect distilled by its two OLED screens is striking. All you have to do is grab the two controllers with your hands. One of them will allow you to draw a line like a brush on the floor defining your playground. This “Guardian” will warn, in the form of a virtual grid, when you get too close to the obstacles you have chosen to avoid. This very efficient system is operated by the sensors hidden in the mask. They scan the room constantly.

Freedom of movement

Freedom of movement is now complete. The built-in speakers perfectly distill the sound without completely locking you in. Which has a reassuring side. It will still be possible, if desired, to connect an audio headset that will completely isolate.

About fifty contents, of unequal qualities, ranging from the game to the 360-degree video, are accessible today. It is a safe bet that the choices will expand quickly as the support is attractive, also making it possible to participate in multiplayer games between owners of different headsets.

Those who are less attracted to games will also be able to find their account there since the Quest being connected to the wifi of the box, will also be able to enjoy other content, such as watching a video on YouTube for example or accessing, among other things, his network hard drives to watch his family photos.

There, the resolution of the images will make the viewing a little pixelated, the definition perfectible, the rendering quite average. But of course that’s not the Quest’s primary vocation. This possibility offered is still appreciable.

If the autonomy of two hours or even two and a half hours can frustrate more than one, for others it will be an opportunity to take a break. We can nevertheless continue to use it while it is charging but there it will be necessary to use a wire…

Learn more: www.oculus.com

Price: from 449 euros

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