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    With hands, it is better to fight

    The dispute about the VR glasses, Oculus, in the case of the former employer of the chief developer wants to have two billion dollars in damages from Facebook, comes before the court. On Monday, were chosen in Dallas the jury for the procedure. The plaintiff company ZeniMax claims to have the technology and wants to bring, among other things, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in the stand.

    Oculus chief Technology officer John Carmack, had worked as a Designer of such Games as “Doom” and “Quake” a legendary figure in the game industry, at ZeniMax Media. The Software company, the parent company of the U.S. games Publisher Bethesda, claiming that Oculus was only thanks to Carmack able to develop a high quality glasses for viewing virtual reality. The first device of the founder Palmer Luckey was just a “primitive” Headset. ZeniMax alleges that Carmack to have taken thousands of documents Oculus.

    Carmack says that ZeniMax have allowed him to publish the results of his research, and he was allowed to join Oculus, because it was not a game company in direct competition. He had also proposed at ZeniMax, the production of a VR glasses, the idea had been of CEO Robert Altman rejected.

    Facebook bought Oculus in the spring of 2014 for around two billion dollars, last year, the VR was glasses Rift after years of development, and massive investment and finally in the market.

    With the help of Virtual Reality glasses on the head in an art world: Who owns an Oculus Rift, you may experience the video games since the spring in a whole new way. But at least one thing players was still the fact that the Gadget all was not as revolutionary as some had hoped: the Xbox One Gamepad, with the most Rift games can be controlled.

    In virtual reality (VR) could be the camera, or a weapon’s head for support, for many of the actions, you had to press but still the same keys as when you Play on the Microsoft console.

    This is now – at least in more than 50 VR titles – final: as of Tuesday, there are specifically for the VR-developed for Oculus to buy the Controller, Oculus Touch called. For $ 199 you get two controllers, as well as an additional Oculus Sensor, which ensures that in addition to the head and body, the Controller movements can be recorded. Anyone who wants can buy for 79 euros, and a third Oculus Sensor, which is recommended if you want to experience a Room-Scale VR experience similar to the one in the HTC Vive.

    Free of charge for Touch-buyer, the playable Tutorial “First Contact”, the Western-ball game “Dead and Buried” and Apps “Medium” and “Quill”, and can let off steam in which you become creative. Pre-order will also get a free access to “The Unspoken and VR Sports Challenge”.

    For us, the two authors have the Oculus Touch controllers for a week of tried – for example, with around 20 Games, which will be presented in our photo gallery. Here they share their experiences with the Oculus Touch.

    Markus Böhm: You have to say it like it is: The Oculus Rift came in here last dust. All colleagues wanted to try out the Vive with your Hand controllers or the Playstation VR, because it was new. How you doin’now, after the Test, Anna: Is the Rift with Touch interesting?

    Anna Gröhn: Much more interesting. The movements when you Play to feel with a Touch much more natural. Before me the Rift, as sometimes in the case of Playstation VR, HTC – Touch was rare.

    Markus Böhm: But the way of the problems were?

    Anna Gröhn: Evil is to become of me when you Test just once more: “Home Improvisation”, a type of furniture construction Simulator. As you change more often, the perspective, the hit me hours later, still on the stomach. Because the game is probably to blame, not the control.

    Markus BöhmProbably. I am also short, but not too fascinating, I found the. Overall, I had the impression that most of the Rift had games with Touch support.

    Anna Gröhn: What did you like best?

    Markus Böhm: The action game “Superhot” – maybe that’s the best VR game I have played so far. Deciding exactly when and how to move, they soaked balls in slow motion on a. Madness. How the “Job Simulator” shows “Superhot” that the graphics in VR is almost doesn’t matter, as long as the game is fun.

    Anna GröhnThat, for me, the “Serious Sam” so, where so much Action is that no time remains, the graphics deal. Instead, you have to focus on the alien shoot and the gunshots. And then there’s the headless types of sprint screaming too. Since I’m quite a sweat.

    Markus Böhm: I was sweating while Playing violently under the glasses, but often also on the hands. “VR Sports Challenge” for example, was very cool, but also very tiring.

    Anna Gröhn: Comfortable, the Rift is not holding still. After all menus with Touch are now easier to.

    Markus BöhmI guess it is now even more value, that the glasses have built-in headphones. You dangle a cable less around you.

    Anna Gröhn: For me the cables are not disturbed, this time not so much. That was the case of the Vive annoying, probably because of the space in which you can move, is also larger than in the case of the Rift.

    MaKabelBöhm: When you have everything worked out with the technology? I had a case of “Unspoken” a couple of problems with the Tracking. Otherwise, it was not, however, as long as you stand with your back to the Sensors.

    Anna Gröhn: However,. The System reaches its limits, as soon as you turned away from the Sensors. But it’s better than the Playstation VR with only a camera Tracking in any case.

    Markus Böhm: Oh Yes, for Playstation VR, the Rift with Touch is the Premium product. The Touch controllers also show, how simple are, in comparison with the Move Controller. The ability to work in VR by movements of the fingers, a fist, or to show something that is great.

    Anna Gröhn: I found it in the Chat App “Altspace VR” it’s really good that I was able to give other users a virtual Hand. This was a more stylish greeting, shaking with the head. Because “Altspace VR” I want to have the glasses with controllers.

    Markus Böhm: Would you spend because 900 euros for it? Alone, the glasses cost 700 euros.

    Anna Gröhn: As far as my fascination not but and also my Budget evidence to the contrary. Since I prefer to wait two years for VR glasses at an affordable price.

    Markus BöhmYes, the starting price is intense. And you need to have the right game for the computer. I’m undecided whether I would recommend the purchase. But let’s just say: If you have a Rift deserve, then with Hand controllers, which increases the Chance that they are not covered with dust.

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