Windows Mixed Reality in the Test: What is the Headset and Controller of Acer are good?

Windows Mixed Reality in the Test: What is the Headset and Controller of Acer are good?

I felt rebuilt my half of the apartment, in order to test Virtual Reality glasses. When I tried such as the HTC Vive at home, I needed several extension cords, and built a tower out Ironing Board, Laundry basket and a mini tripod. The only way I managed to get a motion tracker to install on the right side of the room, and in the required two metres in height. One wrong move under the glasses and everything would be like together.

At Acer’s new glasses the virtual reality (VR), Windows-Mixed-Reality Headset called, there are no such problems. The glasses has two built-in cameras. Inside-Out-Tracking Rift called this System, you must attach any Sensors or trackers in the room, unlike the competition, glasses, HTC Vive and the Oculus.

The 440 grams-Headset is connected via a four-Meter-long cable, which terminates in a USB 3.0 connector and a HDMI output, with the computer, therefore, only a tripping hazard when Playing.

And one more thing like: The front of the headset can be folded up. This is handy if, for example, a water bottle or a headphone cable is looking for. The Acer model is ideal for people who wear glasses like me, because the manufacturer has allowed sufficient space for a double Bebrillung.

449 Euro for a pair of glasses with controllers

Acer Mixed Reality Set costs 449 euros. In this order of magnitude comparable packages falling from the companies Dell, HP, and Lenovo, the land these days also in the trade. The system requirements for all Windows-Mixed-Reality devices, you can take a look here.

For Acer-package two controllers, which are reminiscent of the HTC Vive belong. Your most exciting feature: you glow. This distracts from how chunky your Design works.

The impression that you have acquired the money for an extremely high-quality product, it is likely buyer of the Acer have glasses rare: it starts with the unspectacular packaging and ends with the observation that in the box neither a set of headphones to connect to the Headset is a Bluetooth Dongle. The latter is not installed in any PC by default, but it is used, so that the computer and the Controller to connect.

Little inviting the Windows-Mixed-Reality works-the program window that appears when you installed the “Fall Creators Update” for Windows 10, and the glasses are connected.

The games are fun, even here

The better the experience will be, as soon as it is in VR, in Games like “Superhot VR” or “Space Pirate Trainer”. Made with the other Headsets have a lot of fun. As a virtual user interface, Microsoft provides the user with a luxury Villa, in which you can move around by Teleport around, guided by cortana’s voice. Who wants to, can surf via the Edge Browser via the large screen in the Web.

Of the, as yet, unknown Apps, me and most likely to the free “Halo: Recruit”. This game is in spite of the great game called, but unfortunately, as a simple shooting Simulator.

The image quality of the Acer glasses is up with the competition comparable to that of the field of view is noticeably, but not dramatically less than with the Rift and Vive. Also the Controller to do what you should. The overall experience is thanks to you, such as in the case of the PC-competition a lot more impressive than with Mobile headsets like the Samsung Gear VR or Google’s Daydream View.

Improvement in point of view

Disappointing, however, is that with the Acer glasses so far only Apps and games from the Windows 10 can Store, where only a few dozen applications are available and for the most part, already well-known titles such as the Zombie-Shooter “Arizona Sunshine”.

In the future, you should be able to with the Mixed-Reality glasses, games of valve’s platform, SteamVR games. It is likely that only then the App will be able to compete-the choice really with the Vive and Rift buyer.

So my Test ends with mixed feelings. Yes, the Acer glasses, what the competition can do, and the well-functioning Tracking via the built-in cameras makes the VR usage easier. At the same time, the whole package seems a little unkind, and the App selection is there, as yet, too few of the Highlights.

I personally would buy me because of the, in my view, a better Controller, is currently more of a Oculus Rift velvet Oculus Touch, the package currently costs 449 euros just as much. And the Rift games from SteamVR, you can now take advantage of some good exclusive games from the Oculus Store.

Update, 16. November: As the colleagues of the “Heise” reports, meanwhile, is launched at least one Open Beta, by the owners of Windows-Mixed-Reality headset, applications of Steam VR can make use of.

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