Which EdTech projects did investors invest in in 2021

In 2019 , it was released research, which predicted the active growth of online education — in 2025, the volume of investments could reach $ 350 billion. But there was a pandemic, online education took off. Only in Russia the volume of investments in it in 2021 — 53.3 billion dollars.

In this article, we have collected several EdTech solutions that are easier and faster to learn with. And at the same time, they indicated how much money investors are willing to invest in them.

Artificial Intelligence in EdTech

Research and Markets in the 2018 Study predicted The AI market in education is growing by about 47% every year. It was expected that artificial intelligence would be used in various educational applications, in particular, in multilingual translators. In 2021, the AI market grew by 14% compared to 2020. In 2022, according to forecasts Gartner, the sphere will grow by another 21%.

Here are the AI technologies for EdTech that attracted investment this year.


What’s the point. The platform quickly recognizes English speech and translates it into the desired accent using AI. So, a neural network can switch English to British, Spanish, Australian, French accents and vice versa. Usually such projects neutralize the accent, and Sanas synthesizes speech with the accent of the interlocutor in real time. Thanks to the platform, it is easier to work, live and study in a multicultural environment.

How much money was raised. 5.5 million dollars in the seed round.


What’s the point. The platform develops talents with the help of AI. CoachHub selects coaches and psychologists for the individual needs of employees. Now there are already 2500 specialists on the platform. The platform also collects data and analytics that help track progress. Now CoachHub is used by Toyota, Fujitsu, BNP Paribas and others.

How much money was raised. 80 million dollars.


What’s the point. The application uses AI and Big Data to adapt the content of the main course to the needs of a particular user. As a result, learning is easier, faster and more interesting.

How much money was raised. 5.1 million euros.


What’s the point. The platform uses AI to help specialists develop in the profession, and organizations to select and retain the best employees. Specialists on the platform receive individual plans on how to grow up the career ladder and close gaps in skills. In the end, both sides win.

How much money was raised. 7 million dollars.

AR and VR in EdTech

The virtual reality market will also grow. Predictthat the average annual growth of AR and VR until 2023 will be 16.2%. Online education is not lagging behind, introducing augmented reality and attracting investment.

Praxis Labs

What’s the point. The platform teaches fairness, equality, diversity and inclusivity in companies. VR technologies make it possible to live someone else’s life or become an observer of a certain situation. Thanks to Praxis Labs, people will become more empathetic, understand other people’s pain and views. The project already has well-known major clients: eBay, Amazon, Google, Etsy, Uber.

How much money was raised. $15.5 million.

Osso VR

What’s the point. The project enables doctors to work with the latest devices in three-dimensional space. For example, you can endlessly perform surgery on a digital corpse without leaving home. In the future, the startup wants to create a multiplayer game where several specialists will work in a virtual operating room at once – just like in real life.

How much money was raised. 27 million dollars.

Video and Audio

Video and audio no longer surprise anyone, but startups are still coming up with new projects. Of course: because of the coronavirus, it is not possible to meet friends, study and work normally. Technology saves.


What’s the point. A platform for the elderly that saves them from loneliness and educates them. The platform hosts events in video and audio formats, where people actively interact in groups of five to ten people.

How much money was raised. 3.1 million dollars.


What’s the point. The project is an analogue of zoom, only adapted for schools, universities and companies. Students can move around in virtual space, move from room to room – just like in a normal building.

How much money was raised. 6 million dollars.


We have long been accustomed to aggregators with goods. Now you can find courses on one site, and not shovel the entire Internet.


What’s the point. This is a marketplace for corporate training. He quickly finds coaches, books, applications and courses according to individual requests. Educational materials from more than two hundred providers are stored here.

How much money was raised. 10 million dollars.


What’s the point. The startup collects all the educational content on the Internet by one keyword. It finds courses, articles, podcasts and videos.

How much money was raised. 3 million dollars.

In 2021, EdTech startups attracted the attention of the audience with technological products and large deals. Let’s see what will be offered in the field of education in 2022.

We have collected only individual solutions. If you have seen interesting news from EdTech, we will be glad to hear your comments.

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