Where virtual reality and human inner world intertwine

Where virtual reality and human inner world intertwine

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Not all people believe in the hypothesis that we live in virtual reality or some kind of simulation, but this idea is definitely worthy of discussion. We are materialists and therefore believe only in what we can see and what we can touch. Try to open your mind and find the truth for yourself between these two opinions.

The recognition that we are probably living in a simulation, like a changing game, is comparable to Copernicus’s discovery that the Earth is not the center of the universe. In those days, it was also a deep idea that, for a number of reasons, was not even taken seriously, says Rich Terril, a NASA scientist.

At the Recode conference in 2016, Elon Musk took part in a discussion dedicated to the question that perhaps we all live in a simulated reality. Musk said that this issue often becomes central to discussions taking place within his team.

According to Musk, the strongest argument supporting the idea of ​​simulation is that 40 years ago we had a Pong game consisting of 2 rectangles and a point. We currently have photorealistic 3D simulations involving millions of users at the same time and are improving every year. Virtual and augmented reality are gaining popularity. And if we assume that the development of these industries will continue at the same level, then soon the games will become indistinguishable from reality.

If someone develops technology at today’s fast pace, then there is a high probability that in just 10,000 years (a very short time on an evolutionary scale) such a civilization will be able to create a simulation that is indistinguishable from reality. And here there are two options: perhaps we are already living in such a simulation, by ourselves (or with outside help) we have created a realistic model of the world, or we will create such an artificial environment in the future. Although there is also the worst third option: our civilization will die as a result of some kind of disaster, Musk said.

Simulation theory and a scientific view of virtual reality

Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom of the University of Oxford published an article titled “Are You Living in a Simulation?” In it, he suggested that members of an advanced posthuman civilization with unlimited computing power could create realistic simulations to study the life of their ancestors in the universe.

This hypothesis is supported by observations of the growth trends of modern technologies, in particular virtual reality, as well as efforts aimed at creating a complete map of the human brain.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson also supports modeling theory. At the debate dedicated to the memory of Isaac Asimov, in 2016, he said that there is a certain amount of pride in our judgments about our relationship with the world. There is a possibility, he says, that all of our lives are just an experiment by some evolved entity that has created such a simulation for its own entertainment.

There is a 50% chance that our existence is just a program on someone else’s hard drive, says Tyson.

How does simulation affect our lives?

Nick Bostrom developed an algorithm and published an article that quickly spread in academia. It became the basis for many discussions in which people exchanged their views, asked questions and contributed to the development of this idea. The article became the starting point for a new way of thinking and understanding our relationship with the outside world.

How does simulation work, and what impact does it have on our lives and relationships? How can she heal our bodies and help in times of war or peace? To better understand this, you need to accept the possibility of the existence of simulation in the context of what modern science says about the universe.

Science claims that the universe was formed as a result of the Big Bang. The initial release of energy, which the explosion produced, continues to be consumed to this day. Scientists today are trying to recreate the Big Bang in order to see what processes occur in the first fraction of a second after this initial release of energy, which laid down all the basic principles of the functioning of the Universe, known as the laws of physics. In simulation theory, this will correspond to the start of the simulation. When the simulation starts, first the properties of the energy field are set, and only then the process itself begins.

This initial launch of the energy field established today’s physical laws by which we continue to live and develop. Think of it as:

  • the container that contains everything we know. And for us, outside of this container, nothing exists.
  • The bridge between our inner and outer world. We constantly interact with this energy field through the energy generated by our bodies.
  • A mirror to the outside world, which reflects everything that we create with the help of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, directed through the nervous system and DNA.

When we talk about a simulation based on our scientific knowledge, the properties of this simulation become what we today call the laws of physics. These laws govern absolutely all matter, including our lives and bodies. This simulation is a new way of understanding our lives and the world around us. To master this virtual reality in which we are, we must overcome all the obstacles that the laws of physics pose to us. And here, at this point, science and spirituality come together.

Where Science and Spirituality are One

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Think of it this way: in this area of ​​energy we exist, trapped in the reality we know as our everyday world. We communicate with each other, we have physical bodies that we feel in a way that we could not do if we were beings of pure energy. Based on this principle of simulation and on our ideas about the world, we can conclude that we also exist in another area of ​​energy outside this virtual reality.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and focus on your thoughts – this way you can connect with your higher self. In the context of this theory, it turns out that you are communicating with yourself outside of the simulation. When we communicate with higher powers – God or, for example, angels, we actually move our consciousness beyond the simulation. We are here and there at the same time, and at this moment we are one with our higher “I”.

If this simulation theory is correct, then it means that at the moment of death we cease to exist only in this simulated environment. We continue to live outside of it. While there, we project ourselves here to gain experience, learn new things and master the laws of physics. Perhaps we “descend” here in order to find a new way of life and thinking. All of these possibilities become very real if based on the assumption that we are already in virtual reality.

Once I dreamed that I was a butterfly that flutters back and forth, going about my business. I felt only happiness from the flight, not suspecting that I was dreaming all this. Soon I woke up and was human again. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming of becoming a butterfly or now I am a butterfly dreaming of being a man – Chuang Tzu, “Butterfly as a satellite.”

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