What squeaks in the grass, that is, what is at the top among programmers?

What squeaks in the grass, that is, what is at the top among programmers?

Developers are usually people who closely follow the latest developments in the technology market and keep their hand on the pulse of current trends.

This time briefly about the latest trends in the world of programming. True, fashion here does not change as often as in the world of clothing designers, but technology is developing rapidly and some solutions are gaining popularity, while others are fading into oblivion. Here are our top5 of what is currently the most popular in programming.

1. Containers

Undoubtedly the hottest trend of 2016. It turns out that already 56% of software companies use containers when they run test or production environments. This is about containers associated with the Docker virtualization environment, which allows you to quickly deploy changes and publish them. Containers allow you to easily define all the parameters you need to run an application or service. It is also important that containers can be initialized not only on dedicated machines, but also on any virtual machine.

2. NoSQL

NoSQL technology is becoming increasingly important. This should not be surprising, since every year there is a need to process more and more data. The dominant relational databases are no longer able to cope with such huge resources. Therefore, there is an increasing trend towards the deployment and use of non-relational NoSQL databases. Thanks to the dispersed structure, they can be easily expanded. Currently, several types of NoSQL are used: document, graph, object, key-value, saving multivalue structures.

3. Apache Spark

Apache Spark, which is used for data processing, is becoming increasingly important in the area of big data. It’s the successor to Hadoop, which revolutionized big data operations a few years ago. Spark is simply an engine that analyzes data contained in compute clusters. It is much superior to Hadoop, it is faster, easier to program, and thanks to it you can analyze the data that reaches the cluster through the network.

4. ETL

2016 marks a further increase in the importance of data support tools for databases and data warehouses. We are talking about ETLS (Extract, transform and load) such as Informatica power Center, IBM WebSphere DataStage, Microsoft SQL Server integration services or Oracle Warehouse builder. The ever-evolving ETL tools are increasingly supporting data warehouses, which many companies can no longer do without. The mere possession of data is no longer enough, it is also important to process them efficiently.

5. PHP 7

The year 2016 is marked by a new version of Php, this time with the number 7 (version 6 existed only in experimental form). Among other things, such solutions as scalary type hinting, spaceship operator and explicit return value type have been introduced. Developers have received twice as fast version of Php (at least according to the creators of number 7), limiting, among other things, the number of instructions required to run the application. There have also been major changes in error handling.

This is our current top5 list. Soon we will again check what is squeaking in the IT grass and prepare another list. Today we invite you to read.

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