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    What sports do programmers play.

    Many developers will answer the title question: FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer, ski jumping, Football Manager, WWE, NBA, etc. This is undoubtedly a passionate hobby, but neither does the muscle mass increase (unless from clicking the mouse or using the pad button), nor is the condition improved, not to mention the overall health improvement. Fortunately, among Polish coders there are many who do not allow themselves to blow into the proverbial porridge and bravely get into fights with such Rafal Majka, Marcin Gortat, Michał Kubiak, and even Robert Lewandowski. After all, it has been known since ancient times that mens sana in corpore sano, or in its own way: in a healthy body a healthy spirit. A healthy programmer is an efficient, urgent, available coder who can work overtime without restrictions. At least in theory. And what is the practice?

    Analyzing numerous threads on Polish forums for programmers, you can quickly realize that with active sports (not to be confused with e-sports) is different, although slightly better compared to the rest of society. As calculated by Eurostat, poles are at the grey end in terms of physical activity in the European Union. In this ranking, we were ahead only of the Greeks, Bulgarians and Romanians. However, programmers seem to bravely defend the good name not only of their professional group, but also of the whole nation. A study by Alan systems found that 60% of our native coders sweat profusely when playing sports. What disciplines do they prefer? We check again on the internet forums. The most commonly mentioned are:

    1. Cycling

    No wonder cycling is the most frequently mentioned physical activity among coders. Driving on two wheels is the perfect combination of body fitness with practical benefits. You shoot, you shoot on your bike, and you don’t even know when you got to work. And then the way back. You save on gas or public transport tickets, you avoid traffic jams, and besides, the condition itself grows. If only it wasn’t for the smog!

    2. Running

    The Institute for market and social research recently found that 22% of poles run regularly. Interestingly, it is most often people with higher education (26.9%) and earning more than 5 thousand. PLN per month (40.9%). A few years ago in our country there were only 10% of runners. So he goes, sorry-he runs, for the better. It turns out that programmers also have a taste for running. Someone can say that the popularity of this discipline is due to its wide availability-just get out of the house and run. Immediately and without much expense. Is it really cheap? See how much good running shoes cost. To do this, it is worth to stock up on a cool T-shirt, and when it gets colder, even a cool tracksuit will come in handy. Who’s gonna run around like a rag? A programmer? Doubtful!

    3. Football

    Of course, our national sport, on which everyone knows each other, could not be missing from the list, although most cannot explain professionally what a burn is. Children play, adults play, probably, and a few seniors will be found. They play people high and low, skinny and “right” posture. They play representatives of numerous professions. Also, not all programmers are limited to FIFA. Many of them personally touched the real ball, saw the light of the goal in front of them, many passed and even received passes. Apparently, someone also met the coder who scored the goal. Real. Just like that. Regardless of the feelings of the goalkeeper.

    4. Swimming

    What a lot to write here, coders who swim for pleasure, taking care of the physical condition, is really the elite of our nation. It is estimated that up to 95% of Poles cannot swim, although many do not admit it. It is not even worth quoting sad statistics of drowning, so as not to spoil the readers ‘ humor. However, returning to the merits of the matter, programmers are also happy to swim because employers often provide free Multisport tickets, etc. which allow free use of the pool. Swimming is a great respite for the spine and muscles after sitting for hours in front of the monitor. So we throw the slogan: put on your swimsuits!

    5. Volleyball

    It is often said that a good programmer is also one who can work effectively in a team. It can be seen that coders are also drawn to team activities after work. Volleyball is the second team discipline in our lineup. For sure, the success of our national team in volleyball also contributed to increasing the popularity of this sport in Poland, including among coders.

    6. Basketball

    In the ‘ 90s. in our country broke records of popularity of the American League NBA. Every boy wanted to fly over the trash like Michael Jordan. Although today there is no longer that frenzy, there are many people in Poland who are willing to practice this sport. After pressing the keys on the keyboard all day, it is nice to finally press something else, for example, a basketball. And by the way, teamwork again.

    7. Skiing

    Looking at some of our politicians, it would seem that skiing is the Polish national sport. However, the statistics are pitiless: only about 15% of our compatriots ski. And this is better, because 10 years ago this percentage was only 2%. So why all the queues for the ski lifts? It’s a real mystery to Sherlock Holmes. Wait, wait, my dear Watson, it is clear: the capacity of the Polish slopes is so low that even these 15% seem like a crowd. It is worth noting that in these queues for lifts there are also many coders. Perhaps, however, such an expectation is not at all bad for programming. You can analyze various programming problems, rethink the concept of an application, scratch your head significantly, as if an epoch-making discovery is being made that shakes the entire IT industry, and by the way you can finally walk down the slope.

    8. Climbing

    Programmers are specialists who are constantly climbing higher and higher in their skills, in developing knowledge, in developing technology. Such climbing, as it turns out, goes into the blood. No wonder programmers are happy to appear on the climbing walls, which for several years have been beating records of popularity in our country. Maybe because it’s easier to see from above. This probably also applies to programming problems. From a height of several meters, even the largest bug seems to be a scurvy.

    9. Combat sports

    Many programmers declare that after work they like to relieve stress, putting the opponent on the boards or mat. On a daily basis, programmers generally do not look like dangerous types, but appearances can confuse. It turns out that many of them practice karate, taekwondo or other combat sports. Now the question is: does it have a more sporting dimension, or also a practical dimension? Because how can you yell at a coder subordinate who has a black belt in karate?

    Information for all those readers who will immediately want to pay attention with indignation, that in our list is missing hugely popular recently not only in the IT industry gym: it is not a sports discipline. Contrary to what some people may think. So we confirm-the gym is very popular among coders, but it is difficult to qualify it for one type of physical activity, since you can run there, and ride bicycles, and work on muscles, etc. We immediately hint: the gym is the place. Why is it so popular? Many employers simply offer free passes to such places, as we already wrote in the article ” How do it companies take care of the health of their employees?”

    What sport do you play? Share with us your passion for physical activity. We’re waiting!



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