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    What skills will be needed in 2021

    2020 changed many spheres of life. Business, work and entertainment went on udalenku, become more technologically advanced and web-oriented. Besides, the IT industry is constantly changing. As the list of hard and soft skills necessary to stay afloat. Tell what skills will be needed in 2021 and that should bleed. And, perhaps, to learn from scratch.

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning

    For the last 4 years the number of vacancies for specialists in the field of artificial intelligence has grown by 74%. 31% of companies said they plan to implement AI in areas of data analysis and communication with customers.

    Machine learning in demand in the areas of security, health, education and business. As well as in the development of chat-bots, and voice assistants. According to McKinsey, 49% of companies are exploring or planning to use machine learning.

    This is one of the most “profitable” skills in demand in 2021. In Russia experts in machine learning get from 130 to 300 thousand rubles per month.

    Information security

    For companies that collect information about customers and engaged in storing and processing data, network security is of paramount importance.

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    The demand for specialists in the field of cyber security far outstrips supply. To 2022 will be 3.5 million available jobs is three times greater than in 2017.

    Partly because of this shortage, the cost of cybercrime is expected to account for $ 6 trillion annually by 2021. So information security will be one of the most promising areas in the near future.

    Data Science

    According to forecasts, the experts in Data Science will raise the revenue with 5.3 billion dollars in 2018 to 19.4 billion dollars in 2026.

    Businesses hire experts in the field of Data Science to make the process of making business decisions faster and more accurately. This is one of the reasons that the profession of Data Science is annually included in the list of the most popular, according to the report, LinkedIn Emerging Jobs Report.

    By the way, the world is not enough experts in the field of Data Science and data analysis.

    Low-code platform

    According to the forecasts of Forrester, low-code platforms will become popular in 2021. About 75% of professional Web studios will begin to offer services in application development with their help. This partly explained the new conditions caused by the crisis COVID-19.

    Forrester noticed that businesses that use low-code platforms, to react quickly to global changes than those who relied solely on the code.

    Low-code platforms is useful for simple work. For example, if you want to create a prototype of an enterprise application and to build a vision of his work. They are suitable for companies that cannot or do not want to hire a developer.


    Organizations use the blockchain to reduce costs and transaction processing time. Today, the blockchain is useful in the development of peer-to-peer networks, crowdfunding, banking, data storage, identification systems and access control and so on.

    More and more companies need specialists in the blockchain, but they are few. High demand, low competition and good salary (in Russian specialists receive up to 400 thousand rubles) make the skills to operate the technology in demand. So you should think about how to master blockchain development.

    VR, AR and MR

    According to forecasts, the market size of augmented reality (XR) fly from 7.59 billion to $ 104 billion dollars by 2026. Many industries, including advertising, education, healthcare and the entertainment industry, will use augmented, mixed and virtual reality. And therefore the demand for specialists in this field will increase.

    It is expected that sales of VR and AR headsets will bring $ 9.7 billion next year. And more than half of users admitted that they would like to buy gadgets with technologies of virtual and augmented reality in the coming months.

    Cloud computing

    In 2021 everything will continue to rely on the cloud to deal with the consequences of the pandemic. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform will remain the market leader and expand the influence on the global economy. According to analysts IDC, spending on cloud services and infrastructure will amount to about 500 billion dollars by 2023.

    Companies continue to move work to the cloud. Therefore, the demand for professionals able to create and maintain a cloud server will grow.

    Mobile application development

    In 2021 3.8 billion people will use smartphones. Companies that want to stay afloat, we need not only websites but also mobile applications. And therefore the skill of mobile development will be in demand.

    It is expected that in the coming years, the number of jobs for creators of mobile apps will grow by 28%. Read how to start mobile application development for Android.

    Ability to work remotely

    Because of the pandemic, work on distance has become commonplace, workers have to get used to video conferencing and online interviews. Therefore, the ability to interact with the camera and enjoy video chats proved to be important in 2020. In addition, some enterprises plan to work remotely in the future.

    Skills time management: prioritization, planning and task delegation of authority — also proved popular. The ability to switch in a working mood and not be distracted by household chores, staying in your pajamas become necessary to maintain productivity. Take our quiz if you want to know who you are on remote.


    To remain competitive, it is important to quickly learn new things and adapt to changes in the industry. As well as solving non-trivial problems and quickly correct mistakes.

    In addition, the pandemic and quarantine showed how important it is to adapt to unusual conditions and to workers and companies

    Leadership and ability to manage projects

    According to the report of the Institute of project management, by 2027, companies will need 88 million employees, able to manage projects.

    Managers must respond to change, to set goals, resolve conflicts and communicate with different groups of people: subordinates, clients, business partners.

    Moreover, companies need people who can organize and support team work on udalenke, and monitor the status of online services.



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