What is DC Unlocker

What is DC Unlocker

Previously, we have repeatedly touched upon the topics of unlocking mobile devices of different brands from mobile operators. In this article, we will take a step-by-step look at unlocking using DC Unlocker, as an alternative and convenient method of self-unlocking for a number of models of Huawei, ZTE, Vodafone and others brands.

What is DC Unlocker?

DC Unlocker is a special device (dongle) that looks like a USB flash drive, which has a set of necessary functions for unlocking mobile phones of individual brands. Also, DC Unlocker is a special software that allows you to unlock devices without the presence of a dongle. It is this option that we will consider in more detail.

But before we start, let’s answer the main question – which models and brands can be unlocked using this program?

The full list of supported devices is presented on the official DC Unlocker website in the form of a table with more than 1000 models. The table is divided into 2 parts – on the left – the name of the model and the operation, and on the right – the number of credits / cost of this operation.

To quickly check if the model you need is in the list, we recommend using a quick search on the page by pressing Ctrl + F on the keyboard. You will have a line where you can enter the desired model. So you will immediately see if this model is in the list and how many credits will be needed to unlock it.

If the desired model is successfully detected, it remains to take only a few steps to unlock it.

For an ordinary user who has not previously encountered blocked phones, the idea of self-unlocking with special software may seem too complicated. But this is a big misconception. You will be surprised at how simple everything is! And we are ready to demonstrate this to you.

And now about everything in as much detail as possible.

Where to get and how to install DCUnlocker?

DCUnlocker is a free program that can be downloaded from the developer’s official website at the link. Click the Download button and specify the folder on the computer where you want to save the program.

The file is downloaded instantly, in the form of a compact zip archive. The antivirus does not respond to the download. Next, open the folder where you saved the archive and unpack by right-clicking – Extract – again indicate where to unpack the contents.

By default, the archive will be unpacked to a folder with the same name. To launch the program, open the folder and select the application.

After the launch, a program window will open for you. Initially, the menu will be in English.

Open the settings in the Options item and change the language to Russian.

Now everything is ready to unlock. The next step is to “log in” to the program by specifying the username and password of the user.

We should stop at this point. The fact is that you cannot “register” yourself to work in the program. Only an official reseller from DCUnlocker can create an account for you. It is he who can give you a login and password to log in with credits on the balance.

Since at this stage you already know exactly how many credits you will need. You can order them here – Credits, logs and activations for DC-Unlocker. Select the required amount from the list, usually it is 4 DC Unlocker credits or 7 DC Unlocker credits.

Place an order, leaving all fields empty.

The result will display data with login and password. It is this login and password that you need to enter in the program to access all its functions.

After authorization, the program will display our login and the number of active credits on the balance.

Now the simplest thing remains. Connect your device with a cable to the computer on which the DC Unlocker program is installed. The program will INDEPENDENTLY detect the device and offer to unlock it!

To do this, on the Unlock tab, click on the “Unblock network” button. The unblocking result will be displayed in the lower field. Usually, the process takes no more than 20 seconds for 1 operation.

So, without a visit to the service center, you will be able to independently carry out the procedure of unlocking the phone or modem and get the desired result quickly and simply. If you have any additional questions during the process, you can always contact DC Unlocker online support or consult via support@imei-server.net

And we will do everything to keep you up to date with the most optimal solutions from the world of unlocking and virtual reality technologies.

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