What happens when we lose the right to read?

Mr. Singer, you are culturally interested, well-informed and will need to be as a scientist, technically at the height of the time. You read it digitally?

I listen to audiobooks, but I read, in principle, not E-books. Also, because of the contrast in the sun, where I like to read, it is to badly. And if I have to then put on the sunglasses, I have almost nothing from reading.

What happens when you read in the brain?

First of all, you can activate your visual System, because they need to recognize the symbols. There is a special Area in the cerebral cortex, which is pronounced in the case of us humans are particularly strong. We can use that to detect Grafeme. To make words from letters follow a particular Problem. If in this “word form area” has been found, the solution will be forwarded to the excitement in the voice-processing systems. Primarily created in the acoustic field, because the first communication was auditory. The language network of the auditory cortex. From there, the Information spreads in a more front-loaded structures in the brain, where the motor programs to be developed, to use the language actively and communicate. It is a widely distributed network that is different than it was thought earlier, not only the so-called speech relates to the end of the brain, but both halves of the Brain. There are mirror-symmetric structures in the two hemispheres, which are involved in the processing and Interpretation of language.

When you have recognized the word forms, must be extracted from the semantic meaning. Often the Meaning is only known if the words can be interpreted in the context of sentences. It will be analyzed sequences of symbols and their relations, and with stored Knowledge matched. This is a constructivist process that underlies all perception processes. When I look at you and a head recognise, then, will result in higher brain areas of the visual system, the basic features of your head to an excitation pattern, the head is characteristic. I can interpret this pattern, but only if I have already learned the heads-specific feature combination and stored. Learning to read is an additional challenge, because the implementation of the letter requires you to follow in syllables, words and sentences and then the following assignment of meanings extra effort. When you read, it is called dumb. It shapes the words you see written in a noisy image and processed this, then, as if they had heard or spoken.

What the brain knows about, how the process of reading through the use of digital culture is changing techniques?

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