What do programmers read?

What do programmers read?

What books do programmers reach for? It turns out that these are not just work-related readings. Among the books read by our native code specialists, you can find different genres and different authors, although fantasy, SF and horror dominate here.

Every year, Bill Gates publishes on his blog A list of his favorite books that he has read recently. These are very different readings, indicating the broad interests of a man who has significantly influenced the programming and the entire IT industry. And what does it look like for polish programmers? We looked through numerous forums to find out what coders are doing in Poland and chose the 10 most frequently repeated titles.

Andrzej Sapkowski – series about the Witch

The presence of Sapkowski and The Witcher should not be surprising in the list of programmers ‘ favorite books, because this series is extremely popular not only in Poland. Who previously did not know the adventures of the white-haired monster slayers, became interested in reading after the success of the computer game. The story of The Witcher can be summed up in one sentence: a story written in excellent language, in which intriguing adventures are mixed with a note of wonder.

Christopher Paolinii – Eragon

This is the title of the whole series “heritage”, which is most often repeated on Polish forums of programmers. It is difficult to say whether our coders are limited to just the first story of a four-volume story. Perhaps this is also the influence of the film “Eragon”. In any case, the adventures of the eponymous boy from the land of Alagaësia, who finds a mysterious blue stone, apparently fell to the taste of polish programmers. Not only them, as can be seen from the number of copies of the book sold worldwide.

Gynvael Coldwind – understand programming

Programmers more often than other titles about programming, mention just this item from 2015. This book is a good read, even if not everyone will find in it groundbreaking information for their coding career. It is worth reading this title and form your own opinion about the book, which we strongly encourage you to do.

J. R. R. Tolkien-The Lord Of The Rings

What can you write? Numerous publications and documentaries have already been published about the Lord of the rings and the author. Even if someone did not read (which is unlikely), he probably saw the films or at least heard about this work of Tolkien. “The Lord of the rings” and the author himself are already icons of pop culture, but a dozen years ago it was the reading of the reading elite. This is a mandatory position not only for programmers.

Jarosław Grzędowicz-The Lord Of The Ice Garden

Besides the books of Andrzej Sapkowski, it is one of the most frequently mentioned Polish authors by programmers. The four-volume fantasy novel has apparently captured the hearts of our native coders. This should not be surprising, because Grzędowicz wrote a really interesting story, which was showered with many awards. It is worth adding that based on the novel was also created a board game.

George R. R. Martin-A Song Of Ice and Fire

Martin’s series of novels popularized the HBO series around the world, and today it is difficult to find someone who at least would not have heard about the intrigues taking place in the Seven Kingdoms. Based on the series were also created computer, card and board games. The story of the struggle for the Iron Throne draws in lightning fast and hard to tear yourself away from reading. Besides, it’s a good way to relax after a whole day of coding.

Trudi Canavan – The Black Magician Trilogy

The Australian writer apparently won the hearts of polish programmers, because her fantasy series is also often mentioned on the forums as a favorite read. Armed with magic, a girl from the slums learns not only the world, but above all, herself. Well, it may not be a landmark story for the genre, but it reads well and you can spend a nice time with this reading. It’s also important in reading.

David Allen-Getting Things Done, or the art of stress-free efficiency

One of the most important publishing positions for all who want to be leaders. However, it turns out that even if someone does not have such a plan, they can still find a lot of useful information about productivity, work organization and self-discipline in Allen’s book. This may not be the easiest reading for Saturday nights, but it is worth reading this guide. His views are shared by many developers on the forums.

Walter Isaacson-Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs ‘ extraordinary personality has fascinated me for a long time. No wonder, then, that the biography of the creator of Apple quickly found itself on the list of bestsellers around the world. It is also not without significance that jobs collaborated in the creation of this book. The biography written by Isaacson is above all a passionate story about failures and successes, about the passion of creation and the passion of life. It reads like a good novel. Perhaps because the life of Steve Jobs would lend itself to the script of a good feature film or book.

John Flanagan-cycle of scouts

Another representative of Australia in our lineup. “Scouts” is a fantasy series reminiscent of the European Middle Ages. Although Flanagan’s series of books is often presented as a story for teenagers, it also has many fans among adult readers. It is primarily a well-written story with a universal message and interesting characters.

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