What countries, except Belarus, block social networks? (map)

2015 power 62 countries — almost a third of all countries in the world — blockaded or in other ways limited the access of citizens to social networks. This conclusion was made by specialists of the company Surfshark developing solutions in the field of Internet privacy and security, according to the result of analysis of 185 countries.

The most recent examples of the locks took place in Cuba during protests in the capital Havana on November 30, ahead of elections in Tanzania in October and in Algeria, where in September across the country had been disabled social networks along with the Internet so that students are not cheated on exams and not “merge” job. Also noted is the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, against which in September in Azerbaijan were available many popular social networks.

As the researchers write, in Europe, blocking more typical of Eastern countries over the last five years such incidents have occurred in Montenegro, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Russia was marked by a Telegram lock in 2018, Ukraine — a ban on Russian social networks and search engines after the situation with the Crimea in 2017. According to Belarusian analysts fixed blocking Twitter and other social networks in August 2020 during the presidential elections.

Now social networking and apps for messaging block from the 6 countries surveyed, all of them are in Asia. In China, North Korea, Iran and Turkmenistan, the authorities obstructed the work of mostly foreign social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, China has its own ecosystem similar services, such as WeChat, Weibo and QQ. Qatar and the United Arab Emirates block VoIP calls. No lock was not in Australia and Oceania.

The limitation of social networks is usually the handiwork of anti-democratic governments that seek to suppress the freedom of its citizens, total in Surfshark. In most cases the blocking is sporadic and often accompanied by protests and demonstrations.

The full version of the report on the continents can be seen here.

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