What are the developers sitting on?

What are the developers sitting on?

The profession of a programmer is usually many hours a day spent at the desk, so it is not unimportant what employees are sitting on, performing professional duties. In fact, it is not only about the comfort of work, but also about health.

The subject we are addressing today is only superficially trivial. Inappropriate seating arrangements, on which many hours are spent per day, can adversely affect the health of workers. Programmers, who usually work at the desk, often complain of tingling in the feet, numbness in the calves, back pain, wrist and neck. As a result, many hours a day spent in a sitting position can result in conditions such as varicose veins, diseases of the spine and organs of movement. We have already written about how IT companies take care of the health of employees. Today a few words about what programmers sit on to escape from the fatigue and diseases typical of office workers. Here are what trends appear in the office seat:

1. Ball not only to play

If we went into the Szczecin office of digers, we could see that some people are sitting there at desks on… balls. However, this should not be surprising, because large, inflatable balls perfectly affect the spine and muscles of people working for many hours at the desk. This is confirmed by the physiotherapists. On the ball you can strain and relax the muscles, thus avoiding overloading the spine. Despite appearances, movement allows the muscles to relax. More and more manufacturers offer on the market special balls made of durable material, dedicated to sitting at the desk.

2. Hammock in the office

Hammock is associated primarily with relaxation and carelessness. In Europe, he appeared due to Christopher Columbus, but the cradle of the hammock is probably Australia or the Caribbean islands. Hammock relaxes and brings harmony. However, it turns out that more and more often it can also be seen in IT companies. An example is the Poznan Netguru. Here hammock we find in the central part of the office. Although it is not used for sitting at the desk, but nothing prevents from time to time to replace an ordinary chair with a hammock, especially when you need to solve a difficult problem and organize your thoughts. It will also be a good respite for the spine.

3. Comfortable as a puff

Poufs are another example of seating equipment, increasingly found in Polish offices dealing with new technologies. They came to us from Silicon Valley, where this trend of office seating began. They provide comfort, allow you to relax and are a good rebound from the usual chair, which is located at many desk. In addition, such poufs can also have high aesthetic qualities, which further improves the quality of the decoration of the space and has a positive effect on employees.

4. Kneel instead of sitting

Kneeling is not a new office equipment, because you could see it in offices a few years ago, but it is still used in many companies in the IT industry. Kneeling allows you to take a healthy position for the spine, here the weight rests on the knees. Such a device for sitting is unusual, but allows you to take a position almost straight, the weight of the body moves forward and engages the muscles of the back. Doctors recommend to use a kneeling position alternately with a regular chair.

5. Standing position

The last solution we are discussing here is not about the seat, but it is an alternative. In some offices, for example netmag, from time to time stands at the desk. It’s a good interrupter for sitting for hours. However, you need a suitable desk, the height of which can be adjusted. In the United States, the real furor has recently been made by the so-called Standdesk, that is, furniture stuffed with electronics, which even allows you to remember the position of the table for a particular user.

What do you guys do in your offices? Perhaps you are using some interesting, original solutions. If so, we look forward to hearing from you.

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