What annoys programmers?

What annoys programmers?

There are situations that cause programmers to tear their hair out of their heads-if, Of course, they still have it. You don’t like the profession? If so, we have a real treat for you: a list of things that will allow you to drive them crazy. Who said that working with Code must have been easy, easy and enjoyable?

How then to annoy the programmer? For example, yes:

1. Give him a computer to fix

If you can’t come up with another idea, this one’s gonna work. Many people really have no idea what a programmer does. Such ignorance applies to both outsiders and members of the immediate family. He must be a computer expert, right? So call the programmer and ask him to repair your computer. You’re about to hear that the guy is doing programming-some kind of software, not hardware. Don’t give up on him yelling into his earpiece that he knows the code, not the hardware. He might even argue that Robert Kubica doesn’t know how to replace an engine in the car he’s racing. What a stupid thing to do.you got yourself a smart ass. You can see that already many family members had to call him about this.

2. Mention that you almost became a programmer yourself

Yes, my friend, many years ago I almost programmed myself, I almost learned the basics of a certain programming language. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what language it was. I was good. Really. If I just paid more attention to it, if I didn’t want to deal with more serious matters, I might as well sit in front of the monitor all day. I think I even wrote some code once. One line… but what a line it was! Ideal-transparent structure, innovative solutions. So you see, I almost became a programmer. Fortunately, I’ve come to my senses.

3. Make him work with someone else’s code

So how are you gonna do that, man? What is this for you! You swing once or twice, you do what you need to do, maybe more. It’s code written by this one guy. No, you won’t be able to ask him anything because he doesn’t work for us anymore.. Something’s not working, but if it was, I wouldn’t bother you. You find it, you shoot bug, you crack the code, and it’s okay. I assume an expert like you will quickly analyze, understand and debug the software. In this situation, there’s no point in giving you too much time. Deadline for today?

4. Be a supervisor who has no idea about programming

Oh, what is it? And that? You talk to me like a human being! I asked you to do this, not that! How can you not in that order? If I say so, it means you can. I’m really surprised a man with that kind of experience doesn’t know what to do…

Isn’t that a python? So what do we program in?

5. Ask to do something for yesterday

Then how? Deal? This project must be done. There’s no other option. The deadline is the day after tomorrow, which means yesterday. E there, immediately impossible. A little more optimism, focus on the goal! Do you need more time to make good software? You’re so good, you’ll have a minute to play games before we hit the deadline.

All you have to do is speed up. Do you code fast? We need to go even faster. I will say more: encode instantly. If he relaxes in the projects, we will work quickly. There’s no time for that now. I know you’re not a wizard, but nothing would have happened if you were. At most, you’ll stay after hours. Unfortunately, I have to go. I have an important appointment.

6. Combine work with poorly documented code

You’re gonna work with someone else’s code that needs to be reworked for yesterday. Just a little thing. Documentation? Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, wait. Documentation, you say? Yeah, I forgot, there’s no paperwork. This was one of the biggest flaws of the author of the code-he did not suffer to supplement the documentation. No comments? You’re right, but let’s not waste any time on bullshit right now. You’re exaggerating, it’s not horrible code written by some idiot. What I can tell you is that you spend more time fixing undocumented code than writing new ones. You wanted to be a programmer yourself!

Dear programmer, our list is of course a little joke. Perhaps, however, there is more truth in it than one might think at first glance.

By the way, our computer’s broken. Can you take a look?

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