What affects page positioning?

What affects page positioning?

What affects the site’s position in search results?

No matter what industry you are in, what you sell and what services you offer, a corporate website has now become a necessity. However, the mere possession of it is not conclusive with the acquisition of customers. The key to success turns out to be positioning of web pages.

Behind this term are any practices, thanks to which the service can get higher positions in organic (free) search results for specific keywords. This is not a one-off action, but a long process, the effects of which, however, are tangible and lasting. With the right corporate optimization of your site, you can gain better visibility on the web.
Why is it worth to be high on Google? First of all, because it is the most popular information retrieval tool, which is used by both content consumers and online entrepreneurs. Search engine robots evaluate the value of web pages and decide which site will be at the top of the ranking. Remember that the higher the position of the service, the better the brand recognition.

The analysis, segregation and evaluation of websites is the main goal of Google algorithms. However, the task that faces them is not the easiest-for each user request there are a lot of addresses that need to be properly classified according to many ranking factors. Effective positioning therefore requires adapting your site to the ever-changing search engine guidelines.

Website positioning-key Google ranking factors

Thanks to the high position of the site in the search engine, you can reach customers when they search for products and services that your company also offers. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of positioning over other forms of internet marketing. However, remember that only a high-quality service that meets the stringent requirements of Google and the expectations of users can be in the top 10.

So what factors influence the site’s position in search results?

1. On-site ranking factors

Not from today we know that Google robots place in the top 10 only valuable for users of the website. Most internet users choose this particular search engine because the returned search results give them exactly what they were looking for. In order to gain a higher position, you must start optimizing your site from the elements in the service – m.in. from the ones we listed below.
• Keywords
Google’s algorithms search for pages that best match users ‘ queries, which is why it’s so important to choose the right phrases that match your site’s theme. Keywords should appear in titles, headlines, descriptions, articles, or metadata.
* Unique and valuable content
The key to the success of the site in the search engine are high-quality texts under SEO. To be high on Google, you need to write substantive, keyword-rich, up-to-date and exhaustive topic entries. One of the most important factors today is e-a-T, which identifies three indicators of effective content: authority, expertise and credibility. This means that your content should be based on expertise and proven sources, so that it will inspire the trust of users and the search engine.
* Core Web Vitals
Another extremely important ranking factor is core web vitals. The new algorithm focuses on three aspects of the user experience on the website: loading, interactivity and visual stability. As you can see, Google puts more and more emphasis on the so-called user experience. To simplify things a bit, the more user-friendly your site is, the higher the robots rate it.
• Metadata
Properly optimized meta data, i.e. meta title and meta description, also have a significant impact on the positioning of the website. It largely depends on them whether the user decides to use the service. It is worth noting that the title of the site that appears in the search results is one of the most important ranking factors.
• Headings h1-h3
The proper header structure makes it easier for the reader to read and navigate the text. But not only! With headers from H1 to H3 (which contain keywords), Google robots understand the hierarchy of published content more easily.
• Internal linking
The use of internal links facilitates comfortable and correct movement on the page. As it turns out, this kind of linking is also important from the perspective of optimizing the site – however, it requires taking care of the correct anchors. Links help users and robots reach all content.
• Page loading speed
To determine the position of a page in search results, Google also takes into account its loading speed. It is verified based on file size and site code. Keep in mind that a service that takes a long time to load will have a much higher bounce rate.
* Mobility
Customizing your website for all devices-including, above all, smartphones-is one of the most important SEO activities. According to the idea of mobile-first index, bots first rate a site based on its mobile version. You can ensure the correctness and functionality of the service thanks to RWD technology.
* SSL security certificate
Although it is difficult to assess the extent to which the security of the site affects its position in Google, it is not from today that the search engine is said to favor sites with an SSL certificate. Importantly, this network protocol also increases the credibility of the service in the eyes of users.
As part of the fight for a higher position in Google, also take care of the usability of the site, intuitive menus, structural data (elements placed in the code) and optimization of the site map, URLs, graphics and visual content.

2. Off-site ranking factors

You can also compete for a position in the search results by acting outside the company’s website. As it turns out, the most important ranking factor besides high quality content is link building, i.e. building a link profile. Valuable and diverse external links increase your site’s credibility and visibility on Google.
In the case of external linking, it is the quality that counts, not the number of links retrieved. Among the sites from which you can get valuable links, stands out:
* company catalogues,
• sponsored articles,
• social networks,
• thematic services,
* internet forums.

When building a link profile, you need to take care of the value, content and updating of the links, as well as the authority of the website. It is also worth remembering that indirectly the position of the site is also affected by the presence of the company in social media. There you can promote and directly link to your products, services or the latest entries on the site.

Wondering what else influences positioning? As it turns out, the search engine pays a lot of attention to the age of the domain and the registration period. Google tends to give more trust to addresses that last longer. The same happens in the case of paying for a domain for several years in advance – this is a signal that the site is valuable and will not expire in the near future.

What determines the positioning of the site in the search engine? Summary

Taking care of all the ranking factors listed above takes time and expertise. In addition, the algorithms are constantly updated, so the guidelines and requirements of the search engine are constantly changing, so you need to be constantly updated.
So if you do not have the time and skills to deal with everything yourself, the fight for the high position of your site should be entrusted to specialists from Venet. SEO and SEM will take care of the positioning of your site and guarantee a rich package of services, in which they will perform SEO audit, carry out technical optimization of the site, build a valuable link profile and prepare unique Expert content. And that’s not all!

Come on in. WeNet.pl and choose a package that will make you stand out from the competition, reach your customers directly and strengthen your position in the search engine. Don’t wait and start fighting for better visibility on Google now.

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