Wet Dog Corp — free VR game on the care of dogs

Wet Dog Corp — free VR game on the care of dogs

Always liked taking care of dogs? How about highly effective dog grooming with guns that shoot soap and water to complete the pipeline of puppies in record time?


Have a Wet Dog Corp is the answer to your desire.


This new game that will arrive on the PC VR headset next week via Steam, developed by students Ringlingbros College of fine arts and design under the guidance of a Flight School, Studio, team Island Time and Manifest 99. There are many dirty puppies lined up on a conveyor belt, in need of a good cleaning.



Don’t expect the deepest, most complex gameplay. But there are 13 different types of dogs, eight levels for mastering and three cleaning tools for use, including washing, rinsing and, of course, drying. Maybe this is a good way to be distracted in this period of isolation?


Wet Dog Corp will be free to download may 4. The team is also working on another VR game, Glitch Out, which was scheduled to show at SXSW 2020 to cancel the festival.



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