"Websites? I hardly websites!“: What two Teenagers make to the future day at t3n

What the youth of today is actually doing on the Internet? Today, at 28. April is in Germany day of the future, where students in the professional world can get a taste. And we in the world of young people. Leon and Fabio are with us in the t3n headquarters and tell us your favorite websites, communication tools, and Gadgets.

Fabio and Leon when you Collect your most important Tools. (Photo: t3n.de)

The day of the future is to get a taste of all that it was a good opportunity for young people in the everyday work of your Relatives, Acquaintances, or their own interests. At the same time, allows you to receive, once a year, to be held at the end of the day of action, but also an insight into the world of young people. We thought, we teach each other something. And it worked.

Leon and Fabio are 12 and 14 years and grow up with the Web. They come from different schools and did not know until now. You can use the Internet in some Form on a daily basis and, of course, different. Of a classic PC users with Xbox and has (still) not a Smartphone, the other also has a PC, but above all Smartphone and a Playstation 4.

Today we wanted to leave after a little introduction and explanation of our daily work, the two prefer myself to the computer and know what they are doing on the Internet, how they communicate with friends, shopping, or which devices are found on a Desk in the youth room, or should be. A list with websites, the sound much more like shopping, YouTube Channels as a TV replacement, a few Gadgets, and especially with many of the Apps has come, because the Internet is going mobile.

On the day of the future no future for classic websiteswebsites

Up to the editorial meeting at 10 a.m., the two of them, together, to find their intersections, and find out what your favorite sites are to be had. “Websites? I hardly websites!“ was the first sentence that fell. When a traditional PC or Mac is being worked on, is shopping in the foreground. Either the website g2a.com or Steam for games is used. Amazon and eBay shopping platforms for physical objects. You ask for favorite news sites or Blogs, is not really an answer.

This may be at the age between 12 and 14 years, but it is clear that The classic Web object, especially Consumption. Wikipedia is invoked, if at all, for the school, otherwise, Google will help with any question. If you want to understand YouTube as classic website, it is probably his favorite.

YouTube TV-replacement

youtube channel

editorial meeting t3n

Leon and Fabio at the Stand-up Meeting in the newsroom. (Photo: t3n.de)

If you ask to watch TV or a classic series, are especially popular American TV shows or movies. YouTube is the greatest Alternative. Nothing else was to be expected, but we wanted to know exactly what makes up the allure of your favorite Channel. Have agreed on the following Youtubers: Moondye7, dragon kid and Chaosflo44.

The appeal of the various Channels is quite different. Chaosflo44 uses Minecraft the game, to tell stories in each episodes. Similar to a classic series with all the arcs of tension and a lot of Humor. The staggering of the content in episodes in the rod. Despite the improvised narrative strands is held by a lot of imagination, especially through the sometimes spontaneous abortions of the individual consequences of the spectators on the Ball.

Dragon boy is a Let because of its Lego’s Plays popular. This kind of Vorführens and annotating of playing a computer game even seems to reduce the interest on the handle to the Controller.

Moondye7 plays the games, must-play, both of itself. Although none of the three German Youtubers the new PewDiePie, which is considered to be the highest paid YouTube Star in the world, but apparently they do some things right, if both of you know.

SMS? Do you want us to make fun of it?


As we come to the question of how to deal with friends or family will be communicated, is especially WhatsApp is in the foreground. Currently over a billion active users, it’s no wonder. The parents use it, the friends use it. Everyone uses it. You have to ask then, but after the communication with friends in Online Games or exchange on homework, are Teamspeak and Skype at the forefront.

Popular services such as Snapchat or Instagram, but not to the self-presentation or presentation, but communication. “Photos on Instagram will always be sent only to friends, instead of sharing it with all of you.” says Fabio. The watering can principle is therefore clearly losing its importance. Also in the case of Snapchat, the direct exchange with friends is in the foreground.

Virtual Reality is the future day future of music


During the lunch break, we come to the question of what physical Gadgets and toys are all the rage. Fixed: Virtual Reality is slowly, but it’s really the technology have been tested, neither Fabio Leon. Popular mind about the mobile phone are the drones or the Carrera successor Anki Overdrive. All of them are technically, many with a Smartphone or a Bluetooth Controller can be controlled.

Leon has been testing the Samsung Gear VR. (Photo: t3n.de)

Leon has been testing the Samsung Gear VR. (Photo: t3n.de)

Nevertheless, we also test the Samsung Gear VR. The enthusiasm of the virtual reality is both very clear. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to play Minecraft in VR, what would have tested both of them will surely like. Fixed: you want something. Whether it’s Rift, the Playstation VR, or Oculus, on the wish list it is, and you want to save for.

Both would like to have a Canon Legria Mini to yourself in order for YouTube to record a video. The Canon is, like, the better Selfie camera. Through the built-in screen, you can point the camera at yourself and at the movies to watch. Through the built-in tripod is probably the most used YouTube camera and is already on some desks.

Apps are the little helpers, games, and websites areapps

Even if the classical sites have used, and Apps to replace your functions almost completely. On His Smartphone, Youtube, Snapchat, but also homework and learning Apps are to be found. The Android App “homework” is very helpful, because it helps you with tasks, by analysing the sentence, and then helps to find out which word is the noun or Adverb is. You can help with math homework, or even in foreign languages.

Also, the music is the popular App Shazam to quickly find the names just heard the songs to find out. And what is a Smartphone without a game? Here both agree on Clash of Clans App to classical browser game pattern, where you play against other players and his own village expands, it is defended, and as the score increases.

What will the future bring? And who writes about it?

After we have exchanged at lunch about Virtual Reality, Apps, and websites on a future day, Yes the only question is, what will bring in the future. In a nutshell, both my unanimous: “a Lot.” The two of them are equipped with the mobile Internet like better than sitting on a traditional PC, with multiple communication Apps for different groups of people and their toys, pardon, Gadgets, with the Smartphone controlled.

Today, we have learned a lot in the editorial, hopefully, we were able to bring the two also get a better understanding of what it means to work for a technology magazine t3n.

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