We create things that run into the future

We create things that run into the future

It is not a particular discovery that creative work brings great satisfaction. In the developer community, however, creativity alone is not enough. The best specialists demonstrate the ability to go beyond the schematics and at the same time an excellent sense of the business needs of customers. The company’s only mission is to create a working environment for such people to develop their wings.

It’s not Ctrl + C, Ctrl+V

To write a good app that improves business processes, you first need to understand the challenges that customers face every day. Only after careful analysis is the process of translating the business language into the programming language.

“Before you start programming, you must first analyze the problem and understand what task we are facing” – explains Grzegorz moryl.

“Programming is really solving logical puzzles” – adds Jan sękara – ” you never repeat the same thing. They use ideas, not ready-made codes and solutions.”

Gentlemen know what they’re saying. Skk has been providing automation and process optimization solutions for over twenty years.

During this time, the way of coding was constantly changing. Systems manufactured over two decades require both maintenance and development-to respond to the new business requirements of customers that are emerging every day.

Technological leap

20 years is an incredibly long time, considering the speed and dynamics of changes in programming. In order not to be left behind, it is necessary to constantly improve and modernize the methods of work. Introducing best practices to help organise work better is no longer a whim, but a necessity.

“We have made a big leap in a few months” – boasts Robert. “Integrated test environments, integrated repositories with documents – it’s amazing and makes it incredibly easy to work with. It allows you not only to create new things, but also to manage fixes in applications that have already been created, ” he explains.

There is no efficient and effective programming without appropriate support tools.

“We recently changed the version control system from visual to git – this is a leap of 10 years” – says Michał Dembski.

“We also implement work with Jira, so we have an ordered workflow from the very application, through coding to the repository.”

The focus on individual tasks cannot be ignored when talking about change. The programmer no longer has to deal with the security of other things, such as contact with the client-he gets the task of coding and focuses his attention on this.

“Within a few months, we have jumped from the era of coding, which is still popular in many software companies in Poland, to a level that does not deviate from world standards” – emphasizes Robert.

The changes also affect the way we deliver the next stages of programming to the client – currently we run agile processes, we work nimbly. In parallel with the TDD methodology, we launched Continuous Development, i.e. the use of automated tools for m.in. build and test software already in the process of its development. Thanks to this, we do not have to wait with the tests for the final versions of the code.

“In fact, the creation of software begins with the creation of appropriate tests, and only then, based on them, we encode further pieces of the program,” explains Robert.

“I tore down the wall”

The work environment is not only a mission, tasks and tools, but also friendly interpersonal relationships and space for development.

“Skk definitely stands out positively. This is evidenced by the fact that I have been here for 10 years ” – Robert laughs. “You can see here-especially in recent years-a great development potential. People do things they like to do, learn new technologies, gain knowledge. We create things that go into the future. This is a huge advantage over other employers”.

Grzegorz adds: “skk is different in atmosphere. In other places it was different, sometimes, unfortunately, not entirely positive. We have excellent communication with superiors here, and this does not happen often.”

Freedom in the choice of tools and methods of action is an invaluable aspect here.

“There is a lot of emphasis on our own initiative and innovation. The transition to new systems of software production, to a whole new scheme of work, this is something that came directly from us as employees, it was not imposed on us. We came out with a proposal that we want to change something, we presented our solutions and they were accepted after a process of testing and research ” – says Michał.

“Due to the fact that the company is in continuous development, it is possible to introduce virtually any rational change. I have never experienced such openness to bottom-up initiatives in any other company, ” says Jan Sekara.

“If you can justify the use of another technology, another language or other solutions, it is very positively received” – adds Grzegorz.

Skk is a medium-sized company employing under 120 people who specialize in the field of automation and optimization of business processes. Despite the extensive structure, as Michał emphasizes, he has a good organization of teams and a partner atmosphere

“No one is trying to forcibly increase the number of employees or to separate developers from the rest of the company. Here cooperation between departments and employees is close, we know each other well.”Jan, who manages the software department, answers the question about the most important change he has made with a laugh:” I demolished the wall. The team works together.”

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