"We are all a bit sad"

For some Tech enthusiasts Wednesday afternoon is off to a dream: that the virtual reality (VR) will be in the shortest possible time to the games, movies and Chat market, because the most well-known VR device not only technically, but also for mass is affordable. 17 at Oculus had made the price of its data glasses Rift known (all Important for the Rift, you will learn in this article).

699 Euro plus 42 Euro shipping, the Facebook subsidiary is required now, if you want to order your flagship product to Germany, the USA, the glasses will cost 599 dollars plus tax. That’s more than most market observers had expected. And more than any price, because the Oculus Rift for many the epitome of VR-glasses: the product, the first made by a Crowdfunding campaign in the nineties already flopped technology division is cool again.

“We are all a bit sad,” he said on Thursday Nico Uthe, self-VR-developer and co-owner of the professional blogs “VR-Nerds”. “A lot of people from my surroundings wanted to order the Rift yesterday, but have made spontaneously back down.” Just for VR Fans that wanted to have the glasses are not for work, but only for private Play, the price is “disillusioning”. Many of these people have now been ordered, it is called Uthe “a bad sign”.

Disenchantment by sounds also in many articles in the press, such as in “The Verge”: “The $ 600 Oculus Rift is the end of an Era”, writes the Tech magazine. “The thing that has democratized VR, is now an exclusive High-End.” Mass-market VR is not dead, but the Oculus Rift first, a niche product.

$ 350? 1500 dollars?

In the social networks and forums, the reactions are similar. Many prospective buyers are delighted with the price, disappointed, or feel even behind the light. In principle, it is not unusual that a gadget price will only be known once the product is available in the Oculus Rift, the timing of the announcement but is actually a flavor.

This is mainly due to the Statements made by Oculus founder Palmer Luckey, who had indicated in September in an Interview that the price is higher than the developer Kits, moving in a similar order of magnitude. The last developer-Set had online cost around $ 350.

In a question and answer session at Reddit Palmer admitted into the night on Thursday, he had not exactly covered itself with glory: The cited Statement he had made, as many media have placed the Rift would cost $ 1,500 – a price that was related to the glasses and a suitable computer. Palmer I want to determine the real price of these 1500 dollars.

How often in the past few weeks, Palmer emphasized in the question and answer session that Oculus would make the hardware sale, no gain. So high is the production cost of the Rift. On Twitter, he later added, and the spectacle was even “indecent cheap”.

You need a High-End PC

For a high-tech Gadget 700 Euro price are actually not an unusual start. The product is in comparison to other innovations innovative, it opens up a completely new market. The Rift has a built-in Display, Sensors and a camera to the Computer. And not a few innovations cost initially, several Hundred euros for an iPhone 6s Plus around Apple demanded more than 850 Euro.

However, you can take advantage of a new iPhone or a Notebook immediately, a Rift in conjunction with a really powerful PC, you can currently together for under a thousand Euro. The Rift is an expensive device for users who already have expensive Hardware. Like the Apple Watch, which requires an actual iPhone.

Conversely, you have to hold the Oculus to the benefit of, the company’s major competitors, Valve/HTC, and Sony with a price mentioning before, and thus not on their Offered was able to find.

In the case of the HTC Vive, market observers expect a price that is above the Rift. In the case of Sony’s Playstation VR Headset (formerly Project Morpheus), to be compared with a mass-market more compatible price. The Playstation VR Set also has the advantage that you don’t need an expensive Gaming PC, but only one, Playstation 4.

At least not a Low-End device

As easy to understand the Anger about the Oculus price is Probably in the next few months, as cheap, expensive or overpriced, the Rift in comparison to the market actually is. And until then, VR will remain a niche for Early-Adopter – unless it is, for example, has the suitable Samsung phone, a Smartphone, glasses, such as the Gear VR, to purchase for 99 euros. Mobile VR is not as impressive as in the case of specially designed VR glasses, but just in case, the Gear VR is also far more than an appetizer.

On Thursday morning tweeted Palmer Luckey is still a “last thoughts of the day” and referred to the network of reactions, as of 2014, it was announced that Facebook will take over his company. “Do you remember the Moment when many were sure that Facebook from the Rift, a Low-End device for the occasional user doing?”, Luckey asked. “Or that gamers are neglected?” To make everyone happy, is simply “impossible”.

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