Watch Dogs 2 by Ubisoft in the Test: Grand Theft Data

Watch Dogs 2 by Ubisoft in the Test: Grand Theft Data

The first objective in “Watch Dogs 2” is, to clear himself. Or all of the data stored on Marcus Holloway in the database of the Big Data-the giant flower and at the same time a backdoor into the Server to install. Marcus Holloway is in his mid-twenties, a young Black with hacking abilities and the Protagonist of “Watch Dogs 2”. He can always get more information about the game world and its inhabitants, and such information is to make use of, like, the opposite side also.

“Watch Dogs 2” is created in the at Ubisoft Montreal, where its predecessor was conceived. At the core of the game is a comment and a warning-too much networking, prior to data collection, ahead of Tech companies, social media and a lack of control over the data streams. It offers a free-roaming world such as “Grand Theft Auto” in it, however, especially on topics such as: the hacker series “Mr. Robot”.

The predecessor to “Watch Dogs” combined at the time outstanding ideas with a boring story of Revenge and an unsympathetic main character: He was, therefore, ultimately a good, although somewhat dispassionate game. The second part is now virtually everything better. Most importantly, perhaps: The Humor, the serious message is easily Packed and carried.

From the gloomy Chicago of its predecessor, a colorful San Francisco, which doesn’t take itself very seriously, and deal with the Los Santos of “GTA V” together has been. In addition to missions, everything is taken on the grain, which has in recent years the news.

The evil Pharma chief is the verzigfacht the price of a major medical and Porto money exclusive footage of a Hip-Hop star buys, just to have you only for himself. Scientology is taken on the grain, narcissistic men of business, in politics, in conversations. The “Nudle”-Bus staff of a network giants from San Francisco to Silicon Valley. The streets are populated by Hipsters of Tech with all its own problems, and the game’s success is measured in followers.

Minority Report says Hello

The hacker group DedSec, to which it belongs Holloway, is a collection of stereotypical Nerds, somewhere in between the A-Team, and fashion victims. Your programs you write yourself, weapons, and drones are manufactured by a 3D printer. The goal of DedSec is to bring a flower to the company, which builds all of the available information, the monitoring of the CtOS system.

This is only at first glance, can cities efficiently draw. In truth, it is to want it all, all the knowledge and derive predictions about future behavior derive from the credit rating up to the crime prediction, “Minority Report” greetings. DedSec is planning a full-scale attack using a Bot network and needs supporters. Which, in turn, with each completed Mission of many.

As in the first part, it is about to move as a Hacker in a city and to seize the various networks, and only in case of extreme emergency on gun access. It’s about hacking into systems, to jump from camera to camera until you have access to the device that stores the Information you’re looking for.

One click switches the colorful town of the game in a gray variant, in which only the data are important, and in which is shown, what can be manipulated. Life is made predictable, it also promises to Big Data. You’ll have the Colorful and rely only on the Numbers.

The game shows the dangers of Big Data and social media

By drone Holloway safety systems lame, open the gates, distract enemies, until he can finally sneak in peace to your destination. In the case of chases, traffic lights and gas pipelines in the air chased switched to opponents to hang out. So, at least in the ideal case.

Usually it goes wrong, and you have to improvise and to further hacker forces leave: Then you have to return to the example at the right moment a fake profile to the police and the whereabouts of the Suspect to that in a moment. Or is it to hack a car remotely and to allow it to drive around.

In “Watch Dogs 2″ has many small game systems, which invite you to try and combine them. And like any Open-World game Watch Dogs 2” is full of little side quests, drone race Selfie photo safaris to “

“Watch Dogs 2” is an important game, it’s Packed with the big issues of the time under a colorful surface. It explains, without the raised index finger on the dangers of Big Data and social media, in a sense, the greed, and faith in Technology in the Silicon Valley sent giants and leaves enough room so that players can make up their own minds. “Watch Dogs 2” is one of the few Blockbuster games that not only entertain, but also to relevant questions.

“Watch Dogs 2” by Ubisoft for Playstation 4, Xbox One; (PC 29. November); from 55 Euro; USK: Ab 18 years of age

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