Walk around with a tape measure instead of a mask

Es is a unintended landing. U indirectly to the second Lockdown of the city of Bad Homburg has presented an opportunity to visit the city library, or event locations such as the English Church and the Villa Wertheimber extensively and without risk. You can walk through the rooms to look around in all directions, and the ceremonies shared library of the Kaiser-Wilhelms-bath through the door on the Park-facing balcony step. Anyone who wants can even check with the tape measure, whether the tables can also be on the other side, and how wide the passage is. All rules are of course in compliance with all hygiene. Not even a face mask to raise the visitors. He can catch more than a computer virus.

Bernhard Biener

The correspondent of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung for the high Taunus district.

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On the urban website www.bad-homburg.de on the one must currently enter the “3d” in the search box, will be offered a virtual 360-degree tour of the sights. If you click the little glasses icon, a three-dimensional image with a corresponding VR glasses even. “We have started the project already at the beginning of the year,” said Ketty Urbani from the city marketing. “The fact that it fits so much to the Corona conditions, is a coincidence.”

For mayor Alexander Hetjes (CDU) adds to the offer in the digitization of urban services. Bad Homburg, but above all, guests could plan, for example, a Celebration or for your wedding from your Sofa without the need for the Locality of travel. The Registrar’s office at the school mountain, housed in the former town school from the age of 18. Century, and its Outpost at the castle are also part of the six buildings, which are recorded in this manner. “I am particularly pleased that visitors can make up for the jubilee exhibition ,Hölderlin – an embossed image’ in the Gothic house virtually,” said Hetjes. The contract had been awarded by the city to the Bad Homburg-based company “scan space”. “All of a metre and a half, we made shots with a special camera,” said researcher Lena Valit the principle. From several hundreds of spherical panoramas of the rooms had been set then.

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Apart from the virtual tour there is also a “Dollhouse”view which is reminiscent of a doll’s house. By Clicking the blue Info-points, information on the history of the building and the contact details for the booking, you can retrieve. “For the city library, we have a variety of curiosities come to mind,” said Urbani. Who search the points, see, for example, what was the most rented in the world. After words Valits the images are not high resolution and not by computer graphics added. Actually, the title of the tour through the city library on the book back on the shelf to read.

For the virtual tours, the city has spent so far € 13,000. The mayor announced that the building, whose Interior is to be digitized. “The Kur – und Kongress-GmbH it is.” The concerts of the used memory in the station is suitable for the casino, the Kurhaus, even if it should be completely, or even demolished and redeveloped. “Then, later on, also for the city archive of interesting.”

Source: F. A. Z.

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