VRgineers presents XTAL 3 the professional viewfinder for flight simulators

VRgineers presents XTAL 3 the professional viewfinder for flight simulators

The company VRgineers has presented its new professional viewer X-RAY 3, developed in collaboration with experts from various Air Forces from different countries, as it is designed to be the reference VR device in the training of pilots with flight simulators. Its main strengths are its 8K resolution (3840×2160 per eye) and its FOV of 180º horizontal and 90º vertical.

Technical specifications:

  • Resolution: 3840×2160 per eye
  • 4K LCD Screens
  • Refresh rate: 75 Hz at 4K per eye, 120 Hz at QHD resolution
  • FOV: 180 ° horizontal and 90 ° vertical
  • Foveated Rendering
  • Eye tracking
  • Weight: 600 grams. Dimensions: 293x123x113 mm
  • Tracking inside-out, ART, Optitrack, Polhemus, Vicon, Mosys or customized
  • IPD adjustable between 60 and 76 mm
  • Connectivity: Virtual Link, DisplayPort, USB 3.2
  • Microsoft Office
  • Compatible with SteamVR and OpenXR
  • Support for the following simulators: Lockheed Martin Prepar3D, DCS World, X-Plane 11, Bohemia Interactive Simulations (VBS3, VBS4), Microsoft Flight Simulator, Aero FS 2 and FlyInside.

Two versions will be marketed: XTAL 3 Virtual Reality whose price is $ 8,900 and XTAL 3 Mixed Reality, which adds mixed reality functions and whose cost goes up to $ 11,500. Both prices do not include VAT, customs fees or other possible taxes, but a basic user license is included. If we need a license for companies or military its cost rises even more, exceeding 10 thousand euros in the first case and 13 thousand in the second model. The pre-purchase of both viewers has already been opened through their website.

Its eye tracking system is proprietary, and its lenses are also VRengineers ‘ own design, of which they only say that they’re not fresnel.. At CES 2020 they presented a similar viewfinder, but primarily intended for automotive simulators. Last fall it was announced that the Somnium Space platform was developing its own VR viewer based on XTAL.

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