VR: virtual reality, a pure moment of creation

VR: virtual reality, a pure moment of creation

This technology is beginning to be used by several major directors.

As a technological novelty, virtual reality has many applications in all fields, from medicine to sports, from tourism to real estate or education. But what about artistic creation?

Writer, screenwriter, director, producer, teacher, Vincent Ravalec (initials VR…) uses this new medium in documentary as well as in fiction (Fan Club, in progress), and comments on the writing process “in sphere”: “You are no longer facing a rectangular and flat image, but inside big balls. This changes the temporality and linear causality of a story scrolling from left to right. Virtual reality requires another perception. The shock with the Opéra Garnier is to be immersed in a living and manageable entity. For example, at one point I flip the image, and the dancer looks like she is dancing on the ceiling. We’re working on a little magical spatiality.»

This sophisticated illusionism is not without evoking

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