VR: vectors of development

VR: vectors of development

That virtual reality is the future, today, no doubt even the most hardened skeptics. It is more and more penetrating into different spheres of our life, displacing and complementing the existing ones. We tried to speculate on this topic and choose the most promising, in our opinion, directions of the use of virtual reality in the future.


  1. BP will continue their winning streak in the entertainment industry. It should be noted several units of development:

game. Talking about the popularity of virtual reality games is not worth it because it speaks for itself. The number of clubs and attractions of virtual reality grows in trigonometric progression, they open in the small towns. A huge number of users play in a virtual reality home on powerful personal computersusing its own virtual reality headsets;

— the movie. Future of the film industry, of course, difficult to imagine without BP. It will help you to experience new sensations, to fully immerse yourself in the “cinematic” world. In Russia, the cinema attractions in virtual reality (it’s not about 5D) is practically unknown, but the first stirrings in this field have already borne fruit;

travel. A rapidly growing segment in the use of virtual reality. Will allow users to travel around the world to visit the most beautiful capitals of the States, not leaving room to visit the largest museums and exhibitions, to climb snow-capped mountains and down to the bottom of the ocean.

  1. Virtual reality will help the development of the market of goods and services. Its application will help in the selection not only clothes and household items, but will also contribute to hotel service. Sitting at home, you can explore the desired rooms of hotels and Inns to choose exactly what you need.
  2. Education. Very promising here we see the use of virtual reality. It will make the learning process more intuitive, varied, fun. BP will further interest students in a particular subject will enable you to understand the theoretical issues the resolution of which, in the same conditions seemed impossible.
  3. Work. Finally, virtual reality can ease the labor process in many professions: medicine, engineering, machine tools and machinery, and more.Dr. It is in these areas, BP has already implemented and successfully applied.


How virtual reality can take root in different areas of our life – time will tell. We will hope that it will be used exclusively for the benefit of the business.

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