VR RPG "Soul Scathe" comes out on PC VR

VR RPG “Soul Scathe” comes out on PC VR

Scathe Soul is coming to the exit the virtual reality experience PC-based VR headsets from Bluelight Construct, which should appear next week, 17 July, early access Steam.


For the first time about Soul Scathe became known a year and a half ago, but since then, the development was fairly secretive. Originally scheduled for release last week, Soul Scathe has been delayed literally last minute because of the Steam summer sale, which presumably would affect the fact that the game would be invisible to users of the virtual reality. In this situation, the Steam store is more likely to promote offers to users based on algorithm compared to new releases.



In the axle of his Soul Scathe contains procedurally generated dungeons. Poring over designs, you will discover new secrets, find precious spoils, and will learn more each time, applying the reactive combat system and interactive magic using runes. Don’t expect anything on the level of Blade & Sorcery from the point of view of physics and reactivity, but it sounds at least more advanced than just swinging your controller in the air.


Other details at the moment are small, but you can raise your level and to progress in Soul Scathe, and developers have a lot of plans for adding content after the game pass early access. The developer plans to stay in early access for at least 6 months, perhaps a year, to take into account the player feedback about the new weapons, spells, combat mechanics and the enemies.


The final version of the game will include more types of dungeons, more content, puzzles and system of alchemy. There is a “strong likelihood” that the price will increase by the time when the game leaves early access.



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